Monday, November 26, 2012

White Chocolate Peppermint & Orange M&M's, a Christmas Miracle!

As we approach the holidays many snack companies decide to break out some new flavors to dazzle all those holiday shoppers into dropping their hard earned cash on treats. It's definitely a smart move because it works on the Fatguyfoodblog crew every damn time. Which makes sense, because reviewing new snacks is our business...and business is good.

First up is the Milk Chocolate Orange M&M's!
Stuff that stocking with oranges! The kids love em!

 Nothing says the holidays I can see why they decided to release these this time of year. So how do they taste? Well remember those Terry's Chocolate Oranges? The ones that you had to bang on the table to break them into slices? Yeah, well these taste pretty much like those, except in little bite sized pieces with a candy shell. Weird right?

 They are pretty good, if you like that flavor. If you're not a fan of chocolate and orange mixed together, stay far away from these. I found that they weren't an M&M I could eat a ton of. I would tend to eat a few here and there spread out over a long period of time. Not bad though.

Next up...
That Red M&M, he's got attitude.
 White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's! You rip the bag open and right as your eyes are focusing on the red and white candy pieces, you smell the peppermint. It's not a slight smell either. It's strong, so you know you're in for something intense. At first I didn't like these. I thought they tasted like eating a handful of crunchy toothpaste. However...

After this bag sat on my desk for a bit and I ended up going back to it a few times, I have to say, these grew on me. Big time. Much like the Candy Corn M&M's we reviewed a while back, I found myself liking these in the end. Sometimes all it takes is spending some time mindlessly eating M&M's for a new flavor to really sink it's claws into you. After a while the white chocolate takes a stronger hold and the thoughts of toothpaste fade away in your mind and you're left with a white chocolate peppermint treat that's perfect for your holiday candy dish.

In the end I'm a bigger fan of the White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's than I am the Orange, but hey, that's personal preference, snackers. You do what you like. But if you ask me, I say get them both and put your taste buds to the test!
Also, hey M&M's while you're creating 1034 new flavors...why not coffee???

RATING: Orange M&M's-B
                 White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's-B+
Review by Rich


  1. I love those chocolate oranges!! I am perplexed what oranges have to do with the holidays, though, other than that some people use oranges as stocking stuffers (wouldn't that suck?)

  2. Orange is a pretty common holiday fruit, and they're in season right now as well.

  3. Where did you find orange M&Ms?! My supermarket isn't carrying them, and I can't find them online either.