Sunday, January 30, 2011


Most people up until a few weeks ago used to look at me like I was crazy when I told them about Peanut Butter Snickers. They would act like it was some wild fantasy I had made up. Even when I described to them the red wrapper and how delicious it was. The details weren't enough. They wanted to see a pic of it online. Well...there's legitimately only ONE picture of it on the damn Internet. Here it is.
It's small and it's crappy but there you go. That's solid proof.

Well none of that means anything anymore because Snickers has brought back the Peanut butter version, but this time it's in little squares. So for all of you out there, I decided it needed to be reviewed on FGFB!

Not sure why they decided to go with the yellow packaging on this one. Maybe I'm just fond of the old red look. Probably just because I'm the only one who remembers it. Like one of those sci-fi movies where someones life gets erased and they are the only one who knows the truth. 

You get two of these little squares in every pack. Don't be fooled by the shape, thinking you're getting a full candy bar. They had to get fancy and whip this one up in little fancy squares. So how was it?

It's a squishy mix of Chocolate, caramel, nougat, and peanut butter. How could that be bad? It's a little different than the original from back in 1998. In that one it was basically chocolate, nougat and a thick layer of peanut butter with some nuts. This one seems to be a bit lighter , probably due to the nougat being a different recipe. That and the addition of the caramel. 

Did I like it? Yes I did. I've now probably eaten four or five of them. Did I love it? Ehhhhhh. I'm on the fence. It's missing something. I think the flavors somewhat blend together a bit too much. Perhaps MORE PEANUT BUTTER would tip the scales and make it a truly fantastic candy bar. But don't get me wrong, it's quite delicious and I recommend it. 
On the candy bar scale, I'd give it a B. 
(apparently we adopted an A-F scale?)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Upon finding Pizza Supreme Doritos at the store, I immediately knew I had to try them. The question was, would they taste anything like pizza? So many chips have failed at trying to capture the flavor of pizza, and those that have succeeded have usually made me realize that I don't like the flavor of pizza on chips- or at least whatever the chemicals making up the flavor believe the taste of pizza to be. 

The first bite of these tasted like pizza- kind of. There is definitely a strong flavor of parmesan and some extra spices like oregano or perhaps Basil. A few more chips in and I realized that the flavor of corn chips worked quite nicely with this flavor (where potato probably wouldn't). After thinking I was done, and then picking up the bag 4 more times, I realized that these chips were in fact, quite good. 

They don't really taste like pizza though. They do at first, but the more I ate, they just tasted like a combination of cheeses and a few extra "pizza-ey" spices. They remind me a lot of a recent favorite- Doritos' Stadium Nacho (R.I.P.- damn you, Doritos) in both flavor (just with those extra pizza-ey flavors), and inability to stop eating them. These are definitely worth buying. And buy quick- if the history of new Doritos chips is any indication, these will disappear within a few months (again, damn you, Doritos.) 

A solid B+.

Review by Mike.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This past weekend I had the pleasure of finally visiting the Five Guys Burgers and Fries location in Manchester, NH. I've been hearing about this chain for a while now and every time someone asks me if I've ever been to one and I say no, I get the same response. A wide eyed, unbelieving stare followed by some sort of yelling about how much I'd like it and I'm dumb for not trying one sooner. 
So we did.
The inside of the place was clean and minimal. Nothing fancy. Bags of potatoes ran along the main walkway, just to let you know that they do, indeed hand cut their fries right here.  The menu? TINY. You know why? Five Guys aren't messing around filling their menu up with BS. It's right to the point. Hamburgers. Cheeseburgers. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Fries. BOOM. That's pretty much it. Well there may have been some hot dogs on there too, but come on. Who the hell is going to order one of those? 
So I stepped up to the plate and found that with my Bacon Cheeseburger, I got to choose as many items from their condiment list as I wanted. I decided on BBQ sauce, Mayo and grilled onions. I figured those, coupled with the cheese and bacon should make for a solid Burg. Along with this I threw in a large order of fries, which from all the stories I had been told, is supposed to be legendary. 
This is what I was met with. Burger looks like a mess right? It was. But you know what else it was? DELICIOUS. There isn't enough room on the internet for me to say how much I liked it. If I wasn't so damned full by the time I finished it along with the 30 pounds of fries, I would have marched right up and got a second one. The bacon was crispy, the BBQ sauce sweet and tangy, lots of cheese and the actual patties were just wonderful and cooked to perfection. 
See that big ass cup full of fries? I ate the entire thing and then was able to fill the cup back up from all the fries in the bag that it all came in. They were crispy and fresh, and reminded me of the fries you get when you go to the fair. Hand cut and tasty. Not like fast food at all. 
So all in all, a great first experience here. I can't wait to go back. I just wish there was one closer to where I live!
Review by RICH

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Welcome to Fat Guy Food Blog!
Whats this blog all about? It's about fat guys blogging about food. Thats it.
We find something new, or try a place for the first time, and post about it on here
hopefully with pictures or videos so you aren't just reading us rambling on about candy
and burgers.
We'll still do plenty of that.
We'll probably also post ridiculous food challenges we try and absurd things we make.
Because thats what fat guys do.
So come back often.
Until next's a teaser.