Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taco Bell's New Crunchwrap Sliders!

The resident FGFB Taco Bell reviewer (FGFBTBR) is back. 

As someone who never really ate a lot of Mexican food growing up, I have certainly gone to Taco Bell a lot recently, due to their huge breakfast menu and their sudden passion for Crunchwraps
Hey, when you find something that works, you stick with it. Good job for recognizing you have something special, Taco Bell.

Their next step with that special something was to create 3 new Crunchwraps, but this time they're "sliders," and they're a lot cheaper. 

I've only heard of "sliders" being used to describe mini burgers, but I guess you can now use that to describe any food that's a mini version of another food. I got all 3 and laid out a fancy presentation:

I had no idea which was which, so I started with... something.

First off, I'm 99% sure these are the same size tortillas they use for their bigger Crunchwraps, and they fold them the exact same way. They're just much thinner because they don't have a hash brown filling them up. While they usually have eggs to fill them up too, it was pretty funny to realize how much of a Crunchwrap's mass is from that hash brown. But you're getting a real deal on tortillas, since these were cheap and a regular Crunchwrap can get up to around 4 bucks.

I bit into the first one and found out that it was the Spicy Chicken one. This is just marinated chicken, Fritos chips, and a creamy chipotle sauce.

First off, I LOVE that there are Fritos in these. Bravo Taco Bell. Bravo.
This was a little blah though. The chicken was pretty dry, and I made the mistake of getting these when I wasn't able to eat them right away. I re-heated them in the microwave, not thinking about the Fritos. Chips without crisp are not very good. 
But I was able to ignore that and focus on everything else. If this had had more sauce, my rating would be much higher, since the sauce is absolutely fantastic and is really necessary to help the dry blahness of the chicken. If I get this again, I'll order extra. 

some delicious peeking out

As this was, I'll give it a C. It needed more sauce, and more importantly, it needed cheese. I'll pay more, it's ok. Just give me cheese.

Next up was apparently the Beefy Cheddar Crunchwrap Slider.

looks like rice, but nope- just cheeeese

Why this has cheese in it and the chicken one doesn't is beyond me, because the cheese in this made it. I've never been a fan of that standard taco-seasoned beef, and my initial displeasure led to me ignoring Mexican food for most of my life, not realizing that everything else other than taco seasoning is pretty damn good.
So, this unfortunately has a lot of seasoned beef. But it also has Fritos, cheddar cheese, AND warm nacho cheese, which really made a difference. 
It was creamy and gooey in all the right ways something like this should be. 

I even went back and got another one on a different day so I could taste it with the crunch of the Fritos. As expected, this made it way better and helped give some texture to something that would have otherwise been goo.

I'll give this a C as well, but only because I'm not a fan of the beef. If you are though, this is absolutely something you need to get. The nacho cheese and melted cheddar rule. Put that on the chicken, Taco Bell! WTF!

So the last one up was actually the one I was most excited to try- the BLT Crunchwrap Slider.

This is exciting for many reasons. 

1. I love BLTs
2. Where can you get a BLT (sort of) sandwich for a buck?
3. What Mexican place makes BLTs? (yes, I know calling Taco Bell Mexican food is sacrilegious to many, but I don't care)

This has exactly what you'd expect, except it also includes Fritos and an Avocado Ranch sauce (?!).

And it rules.

I mean, look, this is dollar menu food at Taco Bell. This is not going to replace a BLT sub from that awesome sandwich place in the next town, or even your own homemade BLT with huge strips of bacon. 
But for the price and location, this is an awesome little creation. It falls apart quite easily (there's no solid mass to keep it together), but if it does, just make a little roll up like I did. 

The tomatoes taste great, the lettuce is there, the bacon is suprisingly flavorful and awesome, and the chips add an awesome bonus flavor and crunch. And the avocado ranch sauce (which, gun to my head, I would tell you was just ranch) is delicious and adds an awesome flavor. Who knows, maybe the secret avocado is what ties this whole thing together.
I love this thing and will absolutely be getting them until Taco Bell decides to take them off the menu, which will probably be way too soon. Hopefully, at least this one lasts. A.

To recap: 

Spicy Chicken: Needs cheese and more sauce, but not bad. C.
Beefy Cheddar: Terrific if you love taco-seasoned meat, otherwise just ok. C
BLT: If you like BLTs, ranch and Fritos (why wouldn't you like all of those?), get this. A.

One HUGE complaint though- Don't lie to me, Taco Bell. You said these were a buck each in the commercials, and you said they were a buck each on the website. I've bought these at 2 different Taco Bells in 2 different states, and they are not a dollar. They are $1.29. So either stop lying, or force the Taco Bells in Woburn, MA and Somersworth, NH to give me a lot of food for free since they're overcharging me (I'd prefer that). Thanks.

-review by Mike

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  1. I eat at Taco Bell far too frequently and let me emphasize...Taco Bell food MUST be eaten with two or three minutes after they are made for the best experience. Re-heating Taco Bell food in a microwave is pretty always ends up mushy. The A.M.Crunchwrap with bacon is AMAZING and I've ordered it in several different states. It has never been priced over $2.69

  2. I do agree that the BLT Crunchwrap Sliders are pretty fantastic. Couple of family members loved them too. Sadly, they're no longer $1. That ship has sailed. Seems the $1 promotion ended this week, and they're now $1.59 in my area.

  3. I tried the spicy chicken one, I ate it fresh and added guacamole to it. The Frito crunch goes a long way. I don't eat bacon (insert your dumb crazy "who wont eat bacon" comment here) so I skipped the blt, and I wont eat Taco Bell "beef", chicken only so the beefy cheddar wont be going in this tiny stomach. I bet if you added cheese and some gauc, eat it fresh you will bump up that c rating.

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