Sunday, February 15, 2015

Doritos: Jacked 3D Jalepeno Pepper Jack ...chips?

So, I'm not the chip guy in the group, we all know that's Mike. So when handed these from the Snack Research Dept, I rolled my eyes and was prepared to be underwhelmed.
We all know Doritoes JACKED are just thicker chips with more flavor dust, but 3D? I'm intrigued.

this isn't a chip, or is it?

BEHOLD, the worlds first 3D snack. No longer just a gimmick to get you to pay $3 more than a regular movie ticket and give you a splitting headache no, this true invention marks a bold new era in chip making. Inspired by ancient carvings of Gobekli Tepe, with a large surface area in which to hold more flavor dust, this revolutionary design allows for the same air cruch that you get with a traditional Dorito. Which, of course, Ancient Astronaut theorists believe, could never be dreamed up by the men and technology of our time. The answer is of course:

 If you're a person afraid of a little heat, fear not. The Jalepeno Pepper Jack flavoring delivers a sweet fresh pepper smooth taste that invades your whole mouth, and allows the classic Dorito flavor come rolling in after it. Once the "chip" is done with you, a slow heat aches inside, beckoning you to take a sip off your favorite flavor of soda pop.
This snack of unknown origins is dangerous friends. It's casual enough to make you keep coming back to the bag, the heat addicting enough, the mystery enthralling enough, it's EXTREMELY easy to polish off one of these bags in one sitting.

I give Doritos JACKED 3D Jalepeno Pepper Jack a
This not only pioneers a new genre of glorious new chip experiences, it also
provides a welcome break to the stale chip landscape, where for decades the only
innovation was flavor. 

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