Monday, August 31, 2015


One day, the little lady came up to me and told me about a place near her friends house, called Lil's. Lil's is a small brunch cafe located across the street from the entrance to the shipyard in Kittery, Maine. She went on and on about how good it was, and being the alpha male that I am, decided to try this place out for myself. So we ventured out to NH's northern neighbor, and I have to say, I was very impressed by this little cafe spot, and let me tell you why you should be too. 

a bountiful pastry selection

ALSO being the slow moving sloth that I am, I ended up getting to Lil's right after they stopped serving breakfast, which I believe is 11am. So if you're in the mood for a biscuit, quiche, or sausage egg wrap, I'd suggest you get there early enough. But I still was able to grab a coffee, and a pastry to warm things up before I went with something a little more lunch-worthy. 

I went with a Chocolate Latte (whuuu?) and what I heard they were known for, a crunchy cruller.
Normally latte's, coffee's, and espresso's come paired with a mocha flavoring, but the choice of homemade chocolate was interesting, and ended up being one of the best latte's I've had in a long time. The smooth chocolate delivered a much needed change from the weird off chemical shots of mocha that typical coffee places employ. The cruller, sweet but not so sweet you felt sick from a normal doughnut shop, had a slightly crunchy top, which helped you slow down from jamming the whole thing in your mouth like instinct begs you to.
The cruller comes in at you, all sweet and awesome, the coffee then rears up and hits you in the mouth like

 Their lunch selection felt like your classic small cafe selection, but definitely didn't taste like one. 

she got some weird veggie thing which she SAYS is good, but not being a FGFB staff member,
who knows if her palate can be trusted...

 I got the Roast Beef with horseradish mayo, arugala, cucumbers, and cheddar cheese all on a freshly baked focaccia, served with house made chips and a pickle. 

 The roast beef was decently portioned, but much like the last two seasons of True Detective, there's quite a few stars of this sandwich. The roast beef, which you'd figure would be essential, took a back seat to the horseradish mayo, which provided a gentle heat among the fresh greens of arugula and cukes. The REAL main player of this sandwich though, was the focaccia. Normally focaccia is a little drier than I'd like from a sandwich. I often times exclaim "the wetter the better" like our pal Dirty Mike, when it comes to sandwiches. So when I ordered it on the focaccia, I was prepared to be underwhelmed.  Much like my favorite Wookie however, the bread over delivered, and ended up being flavorful and Chewie.

HONORABLE MENTION: I feel like the house made chips should be spoken about. They were pretty much your standard in-house chip, thick, salty, good, but nothing really differentiated it from a any other house made chip. Which in the end, is fine, and might work out because you don't want something TOO weird to distract you from the pleasantness already on plate. I get it, it's good, I'd get it again. 

 I can't exclaim enough at how great this place was. Not only in atmosphere, or location, but also in quality and friendliness. This place also caters to a much more hip crowd than I belong to. It has a small vinyl collection for you to peruse inside of an old bank vault, so if you're ever dying of hunger AND cultural enlightenment, Lil's might just save your life. 

I give everything about Lil's a solid A.
I haven't tried 90% of the menu, but the experience, and the quality of what I had there was definitely top notch. I'm already excited about the next time I'm in Kittery. 
7 Wallingford Square, #106
Kittery, ME 03904



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ezells Famous Chicken!

When I first rolled up in Seattle I was getting bombarded with places that I needed to try. Every day I would get emails asking, "HAVE YOU TRIED THIS PLACE?" or "THE ONE PLACE YOU NEED TO GO IS HERE!" So I made a list. It's a long list. Long as hell. But one place stood out, that I might have gotten more inquiries about than any other.  This place was Ezell's Famous Chicken! For those of you who don't know, apparently it is Oprah's favorite chicken place and she likes it so much that she has it flown in to her across the country in Chicago!

If Oprah likes it, it has to be good, right? 

So I took a trip to Ezell's to finally check them out. From outside, I wasn't too impressed! Cool sign, but it's just in a little strip mall so I didn't know what to expect. 

One of the first things I noticed is that they don't mess around with little napkin dispensers at Ezells. Nope. They go full on roll of paper towels at every table, just like in your favorite barbeque joints.  Fat guys love this because they know that it's okay to make a mess here. It's like you've been given free reign to make a pig of yourself.  Alright, Ezell's, you've officially gotten my attention.  But hear me, my friends. Their menu is vast and I was caught up in the excitement. Aka: I got way too much food. But it's a food bloggers job to try an array of items when reviewing not just one thing, but the entire restaurant. So...yet again I take one for the team. You guys & gals. TEAM FGFB! 

Two pieces of chicken & a roll!

First up? I'm diving right in to the main reason I'm here. CHICKEN. I get a two piece combo that comes with one of their rolls. Don't you dare call it a biscuit . I have the choice of white or dark meat. I go white meat because that's what I like. If there are any fans of dark meat chicken out there hoping to hear what I thought, sorry, brah. Now, I usually don't waste my time with chicken on the bone because I'm not a fan of chewing on gristle and tendons and all that. I'll take a nice trimmed chicken breast any day of the week. But with a chicken so famous, I just had to try it like this, and sweet mother of all that is holy, I'm glad I did! 

This was THE best fried chicken I have ever had in my life. Hands down. No question about it. The breading on the outside was unlike any I have ever had. Very crunchy but not the kind that falls off and gets all over you. The amount of delicious, white meat chicken in each piece straight up blew my mind. The meat was juicy and tender, and as a guy usually grossed out by chicken with bones, I found myself gnawing every last piece off of these chunks like a starving junkyard dog. I'm going to tell you this, even if the rest of this review nose dived and everything else was terrible, I WOULD STILL GIVE THEM AN A! That's how good this chicken was.

What's taters, precious?

Also tried the mashed potatoes and gravy. Not much I can say about these. The potatoes themselves were nothing special. Just your usual near tasteless instant potatoes but the gravy had a great flavor to it that really defined them. This batch seemed heavy on the black pepper and I was okay with that. In the end, you know what you're getting into with these. They won't blow you away but they definitely work for a side.

The Heritage Mac & Cheese also wasn't bad, but wasn't great. It's really thick and creamy and sort of reminded me of when I make homemade mac and cheese and then reheat the leftovers a couple days later. Still good, but just as a side to the main course.

It's like a dinner cupcake!

These Fresh Baked Rolls were fantastic though! Definitely not what I thought they would be. Looking at them my brain automatically expected them to be like corn bread for some reason, but they were not corn bread at all. They are a delicious chewy roll that bursts with flavor. It's also quite sweet and shaped like a muffin. Very different from the biscuit offering at KFC but they were so good that I ate two! I sort of wish I had gotten two HUNDRED.

But I figured if we're going to try a little of everything, might as well see how their chicken fingers are, right? So I got the one that comes with fries so I could kill two birds with one stone. Fries? Crinkle cut and crispy. Not bad at all. Chicken fingers? Off the damn charts.

Similar breading to the other chicken, just seems like a thinner layer of it. Inside, is just the nicest, juicy, tender white meat chicken you could ask for. No blubber or gristle in sight.  Back in New Hampshire we used to have Chester Fried Chicken at small shops and convenience stores. I think some of them still exist and others became Roadies Chicken. At one time they were the best chicken fingers I had ever had, but they since dipped in quality. Another spot that has great ones? The Thirsty Moose in Portsmouth, NH. Awesome chicken fingers. However, all these pale in comparison to Ezell's. These are quite possibly the best chicken fingers on earth. They had an array of sauces but the ones that stuck out were their BBQ Ranch and just straight up honey. Some seemed to be their own recipe and others were just pre-packaged little containers full. I would love to see them do away with the latter and just do all their own sauces!

That's some SERIOUS white meat! 

In the end I have to say that Ezell's did not disappoint. They get a massive A from us and our official FGFB seal of approval. The sides didn't blow me away but EVERYTHING ELSE DID. Ezell's has THE best fried chicken on planet Earth. 

I'm pretty sure Colonel Sanders would try a piece and close up shop. Sorry, KFC you're gas station chicken compared to Ezell's and that's just a straight up fact.  I will absolutely be returning to Ezell's on a regular basis. Oh, and good news for all you Juggalos who are down with the clown until you're in the ground, they serve Faygo! Paint up your face like a moron and head in to get some chicken with a tub of Redpop on the side! 

Also, how could you not like a place that has a giant pic of Guy up on their wall? 

For more info on Ezell's Fried Chicken, check out their website:!


Monday, August 24, 2015


For years the crew of Fatguyfoodblog has brought you hilarious/offensive/ridiculous reviews of a wide array of items. Probably 2000 different kids of Oreos and Lays chips. Fifty flavors of Ben and Jerrys. Every wild, gross item from every fast food chain you can think of, (Yeah except In-N-OUT Burger, WE KNOW). We've even reviewed restaurants and offerings from cool Internet mail companies! But the time has come...FOR US TO EVOLVE. Bet you thought we were going to say we were closing up shop, didn't you? FOOLS.

So what kind of new things can you expect from FATGUYFOODBLOG going forward? Well not only will we still be reviewing all the absurd crap that comes our way, chips, burgers, ice cream, cookies...etc. But now we are also going to step up our restaurant reviews. Chain stuff? Yeah we'll do it, but we also want to be the ones who tell you how that new place that just popped up in your town is. Or perhaps that hot new spot everyone is talking about. We'll try it and tell you if it's a bunch of crap, or if it's worthy of the hype!

We're also going to be doing some FATGUYFOODBLOG recipes and HOW-TO posts. Some will be in our usual style, others might be video! Who knows what will pop up. Want to know how we do burgers? Want to know how to amp up your S'Mores to the next level? We're going to take you to school, bro! Teach you everything you need to know to wow people with wild snack concoctions. It might be a little bit before these start to pop up but they are coming down the line!

But to do this, we are officially putting out the call for writers! Ever since Mike left us to go record his debut album, we've been feeling that there's a hole that needs to be filled. Irwin tried out, but his inability to type or understand more than a handful of words in English hampered his writing skills.
I can't write, but I look cute in these glasses, guys...
So we need YOU. With Josh in NH and me in Seattle, we officially have one of us on each coast. However, we want to have the FGFB crew EVERYWHERE. All over the USA! We want to have someone in every neck of the woods. Every major city needs an FGFB blogger! So what's the deal?

- Your writing style should be similar to ours. We go over the top. No boring-ass reviews here! There's too many sites out there where someone drones on for a paragraph and it's cookie cutter crap that's basically the same thing they wrote in the last one. Who wants to read that? Also if you're in shape and like to try junk food ironically and then talk a bunch of crap about how you would never usually eat that kind of stuff? Just send your address so I can come to your house and slap you. But seriously, if you think your food blogging game is up to par, send us a sample!

- Photo skills. Ever check out a blog and the writing is great but it looks like they took the pictures with a flip phone from 2001? Not gonna cut it here. Take pride in your food porn pics!
-Do you get paid? Hell, no! Neither do we. We do it for the love of eating disgusting/awesome stuff! But as an official Fatguyfoodblogger, you will be on the inside. That means you'll get some great free samples and gift cards from time to time to help you get your mitts on whatever it is you're reviewing. Ever gotten a box in the mail with so much beef jerky that you could barely lift it? That in itself is payment! Plus we'll make sure you're swimming in FGFB swag!
So if you think you want to make people laugh talking about junk food, and join the ranks of the FGFB Army, drop us an email about it! Send it to !

What else can you do to help? Spread the word! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and repost our stuff for your friends to see, so they can become our friends too and we can take over the world together!

Other than that, buckle up, folks, because we're all going on a wild ride!

Rich, Josh and Irwin.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oreo Triple Review! Brownie Batter , Oreo Thin Mint and Cookies & Creme!

It's time for our monthly Oreo review! This time around we're tackling THREE NEW FLAVORS! I'll be honest though, it's mostly because our readers demanded it. This was just going to be a Brownie Batter Oreo post, but so many people wrote to us saying, "PLEASE REVIEW THE COOKIES & CREME!" or "YOU GUYS HAVE TO REVIEW THE OREO THINS!", that we finally caved and decided to add them into this review. So let's get to it and see if the maniacs at Nabisco have come up with anything worth keeping around! 


Most of us have a fond memory of being a kid and your Mom is making brownies and you hear her call out, "Who wants to lick the spoon?" I'll tell you what, I used to do everything I could to get to her before my little sister. Sometimes I would even trip her and toss her to the ground.  All is fair when you're trying to get the brownie batter spoon. She knew the score. Other times she would sprint in like the Flash and snatch it out of my Mother's hands so fast I wouldn't have a chance in hell at getting it. But as much as we all like brownies, I think that taste might have been harder for the Oreo scientists to nail down, so they went the batter route and that's fine by me!  But did they nail this flavor or not?

Yes they most certainly did. It's actually quite impressive. These cookies taste almost exactly like brownie batter. solid form. Which is weird, because that would normally be a brownie. So this throws your brain off a bit. You bite into the cookie and say, "Hey I know that taste!" But then your brain goes..."HEY HOLD ON JUST A DAMN MINUTE! SOMETHIN' AIN'T RIGHT! THIS AIN'T GOO! IT'S CRUNCHY!" But when you just eat the creme you can almost believe that all you have in your mouth is legit brownie batter.

If you're a brownie fan at all, I'd head to the store right now, because you're going to friggin' love these. I really can't even give a downside to them.

Next up, Oreo Thins! I'll be honest, I had zero interest in these whatsoever. Regular Oreos are already too thin! Why would I want a smaller, thinner cookie? Am I a lady on a strict diet? HELL NO. I don't need a diet cookie! But then I was able to try one without buying a pack...and damn it straight to hell...they are pretty good. I KNOW, I KNOW. You all probably want to form an angry mob to come get me in the middle of the night. But hear me out! 

Oreo Thin vs Oreo Double Stuf!

These taste great. Ever had a mint Oreo? They are solid! Now imagine that, but the cookie pieces are as thin as a church wafer. You get more of the flavor from the creme in the middle, rather than the cookie and these seem to burst with minty goodness. Not only that, but you can eat a ton of them! It's very easy, you can flip them like a coin right into your mouth.

The downside being, you can clear a package of these in no time, so be careful! They are also available in regular, but I didn't try them. I'm sure they aren't bad though. Although I will warn you. If you eat too many of the mint ones, they start to taste a little bit like toothpaste. But you have to eat a LOT of them.

I'd have to say that surprisingly, Mint flavored Oreo Thins are a great change of pace. Do I want Oreo to continue down this road? Not really. Everything in the world gets smaller while the prices stay the same. So while I liked trying these out, I'm not too interested in seeing them replicate every flavor into a Thin version. 
And finally, Cookies & Creme Oreos! 

These have been out for a bit but our readers still wanted to know what we think. I'll tell you straight up what the deal is with these. It's like they ground up some Oreos and put that in the middle of two other Oreo cookie pieces. It's Oreo in your Oreo.

Yeah, it's like that! They are good but somehow nothing really special. They might be one step above regular Oreos. The coolest part is that the creme has little cookie pieces in it for a fun little crunch if you split them open and eat just the creme. If you eat it as a whole, you don't notice as much.

While I don't think they are anything that special, they are not bad by any means. If you're choosing between these and plain Oreos, give these a try and see what you think! 

So let's take a look at the rundown:
Brownie Batter Oreos: Awesome. They nailed it. A!
Mint Oreo Thins: Somehow these are good! The ratio of creme to cookie is weird but good! B!
Cookies & Creme Oreos: Not bad at all, but not very exciting either. I give them a C+!

Oh and one last thing before we drop the mic on this post...

If you end up buying the Brownie Batter and Mint Oreos, be sure to build one of these bad boys. The mint brownie batter Oreo. This? THIS WAS TREMENDOUS. Hey Nabisco, can you make this a thing? Also maybe Peanut Butter Brownie Batter Oreos?

As always , drop us a line if there's anything you'd like us to review! That new thing at that fast food place that looks like it will clog your heart in thirty seconds flat? You want us to give it a whirl? Let us know! Think we might like a restaurant in your area? Give us a shout out. Do you represent a snack/food/burger/junk company and you want us to maybe review your stuff? Drop us an email!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NH LOCAL: Suppa's Pizza & Subs - The Fat Cow

I heard a rumor about a place opening up in downtown Dover, NH that had crazy, over the top style pizza food. I had no idea it was a second location to the world renowned Suppa's, famously featured by our brother in arms, The Phantom Gourmet. Needless to say, I loaded into my car, and hit this place faster than than a chick getting knocked out in a "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey fight.


Taking a look at the menu, I was absolutely blown away. The food descriptions are kind of what a fat man being ushered into a pit fall trap would blindly follow. Subs, pizzas, sandwiches, all begging you to partake in their individual cheesey bliss. To be honest, I had a pretty hard time trying to figure out what to get, and looking over at a Steak Stick that the man ahead of me purchased, I knew I couldn't handle that, not that day. So I turned my gaze to something on the tamer side, something that I could have a good baseline in which to judge, and gauge my orders from then on. I chose the, Fat Cow.

A Bacon Cheeseburger sub with Moz sticks at the base, french fries on top, covered with Mozzarella cheese and BBQ Sauce

That sandwich up there, is a small. If you grab a large, swallow a handful of aspirin because your heart is going to need it.

As if I really need to tell you, this sandwich is delicious. I feel like I'm going to give this a slightly unfair critique, only because this sandwich promises so much, and kinda strikes out in the end. There's a very large reason why! I feel like the Fat Cow is this mythical beast that  JC himself descended from heaven, wrestled to the ground, unchained from Lucifer's throne, then shared it with the rest of the world for them to be happy until the end of days. But just like JC and a good Fantastic Four movie, it's a myth. 

It tastes great, but, where The Fat Cow failed us all, was being insanely dry. The BBQ was too scarce to make up for the dryness of the bread, burger, breaded mozzarella sticks. Normally I'd predict that grease would help make this sandwich a sopping, heart clogging, mouth pleasing mess, but that was also not the case. The fries added another layer of dryness as well, and when you bite into the sandwich, it tastes good, but you can't really place the levels of what it is your exactly eating. If you told me there was no mozzarella sticks, I'd believe you, because it was all pretty much the same texture, and didn't have a vehicle in which to deliver the different decadence to your tongue.

After being halfway through, I asked for a small side of mayonnaise, and I feel that is EXACTLY what this sandwich needed. It added the much needed smoothness to override all of the sandpaper that this sandwich had become, and quit honestly, did a hell of a job in changing my opinion on this single menu item.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to finish after my first half, but I after the mayo addition, the Fat Cow jumped far over the moon in my book. If you head out there soon, and don't gourge yourself on any number of other insane menu items, make sure to order your Fat Cow with mayo. You'll have to have the Man of Steel himself tighten your belt, and carry you out of there.

I give the Fat Cow from Suppa's in Dover, NH
-C (off menu)
-A (with mayo)
A great place with a lot of choices, a different kind of pizza place that
will hopefully kick some other pizza places in the ass to get creative. I'm 
pumped to have them in the area!

As always, feel free to drop us a line if you'd like us to review something you saw out there in the wild. Or if you're a company who wants us to take a look at your product. Or...if you just want to email us pictures of kittens and puppies. Or some wild burger you created after polishing off a few beers and getting weird. We love emails! Send them to: . But the fun doesn't stop there. Hit us up on Twitter and Like our Facebook page for tons of fun stuff and the occasional giveaway!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lays Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Reuben, Greektown Gyro and West Coast Truffle Fries potato chips!

Well Lays decided to make their "VOTE TO SAVE YOUR FAVE" promotion an annual thing, and I have to say, BRAVO! Who doesn't love trying out limited edition weird chips and hoping that the one they like the most might stay around forever? It's a fun game! We had a blast with it last year so when we heard it was happening again, we were all in! This time around they rounded up some pretty intense and different new flavors. There's Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Reuben, Greentown Gyro and West Coast Truffle Fries! All have the potential to be awesome just as much as they have potential to be gross. But only one will walk away the winner. WHICH WILL IT BE?! Let's dig in and find out! 

First up is the one I'm least excited about. Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro! Now you'll notice that the chips are different from bag to bag not in just flavor, but also chip style. Keep that in mind as we go through here. I think usually I enjoy kettle style chips the most. But these? These are pretty darn weird.  I'm not a guy who gets a gyro very often(ever). But I know what one tastes like. I right off the bat I think they did a pretty good job hitting the flavor. You definitely get the freshness of the veggies and that familiar Greek tang right off the bat.  That tang must be the Tzatziki sauce. A creamy, cucumber flavor that is quite interesting. 

They are pretty covered in flavor dust, just how we like them, and the kettle chips give you that satisfying crunch. But I found I quickly had my fill of these. I couldn't take down the bag. The flavoring from them is intense and after a couple handfuls my taste buds were tapping out.

 But don't get me wrong. These aren't bad at all! They are actually pretty good and a really interesting flavor. They taste really fresh! If you're a fan of Greek stuff, check these out!

Next up, New York Reuben! In my old age I've finally come around to trying a Reuben. I've always been kinda grossed out by them but on the day I finally had one, I was blown away. It was TREMENDOUS. From a local establishment in Rochester, NH called The Garage.  Everything about it was fantastic. Now other times since then when I've tried them, some haven't been great. But all in all, I'm a fan of the Reuben. Hoping these don't just taste like Thousand Island dressing!

Well...they pretty much taste like Thousand Island dressing. BUT. There does seem to be a sour kraut taste there too. Subtle but it's there hiding in the background. These chips are okay! I enjoy the flavor, even though I was hoping for something a bit more adventurous out of these, but let's face it. Anytime they try to make a meat flavor in chips, it either tastes like smoke or bologna. Nobody wants that.

These chips also win the award for most boring to look at. Plain old slightly orange covered chips? PLEASE. If you're a Reuben fan, scoop up a bag just to try them, but don't expect them to become your new favorite chip, as much as you want them to be.

Next up, West Coast Truffle Fries! Now, as someone who recently moved to the West Coast, I can definitely tell you that I spy Truffle Fries on a lot of menus out here and have tried them a bunch of times. Most of the time I order a burger and it comes with fries and the waiter will say, "OH, Would you like your fries to be Truffle Fries?!" And their excitement talks me into it. But they are good, I can't deny it. Lays really nailed the flavor on these. Not only that, but they used wavy chips so they stand out from the other three a lot, especially with their green coloring.

Who would have thought that the flavor of Parmesan cheese, garlic and oil made from fungus would taste so good! Every bite of these weird green chips blast your mouth with truffle fry goodness. Haven't had truffle fries? Who cares. Still grab a bag of these and try them out. Seriously. 

Next up, Southern Biscuits and Gravy! I'll tell you what. This one I imagined probably being the best of the bunch. I'm a big biscuit fan. If I have the option of putting anything on a biscuit, you'd best believe it's going to happen. I've been weird about the sausage gravy they put on them, until a couple years ago. Now I'm down with it. But could Lays capture that flavor?

They certainly didn't smell great. But hey, we aren't here to smell stuff. We're here to taste them...

And taste them I did! These chips are fantastic. They absolutely taste like biscuits and gravy. Now, if you're not familiar with that, I can also put it to you like this: These chips taste like a really creamy, tangy ranch, that has a slight black pepper burn. Especially if you eat half the bag in one sitting, which I did. 

 I'll be honest with you, these chips are the clear winner in my book. Sure I enjoyed the Truffle Fries a lot and the Reuben aren't terrible. Even the Greektown Gyro were really interesting. But these? These are on another level.  These should be the winner. Fatguyfoodblog officially endorses Southern Biscuits and Gravy as the winner of the Lays "DO US A FLAVOR" contest.
Let's see if America agrees!

Here's your wrap up:
Greektown Gyro: Interesting flavor. Very Greek. Pretty good! B

New York Reuben: Sadly, the worst of the bunch. A week Thousand Island dressing flavor mixed with sauerkraut. Not terrible, just not remarkable. C-

West Coast Truffle Fries: Nailed the flavor. Strong garlic flavor. Giving them a B+!

Southern Biscuits and Gravy: You can't go wrong. These chips are spectacular. If you're into biscuits in gravy. If not...step up your game, bro! A! Would have been an A+ if they were on thicker chips!

Make sure after you try them, that you go vote for your favorite here: . EVERY VOTE COUNTS! This isn't politics, so it's actually worth voting! And you can do it from the comfort of your home computer, tablet or hell, even your phone! DO IT.

As always, feel free to drop us a line if you'd like us to review something you saw out there in the wild. Or if you're a company who wants us to take a look at your product. Or...if you just want to email us pictures of kittens and puppies. Or some wild burger you created after polishing off a few beers and getting weird. We love emails! Send them to: . But the fun doesn't stop there. Hit us up on Twitter and Like our Facebook page for tons of fun stuff and the occasional giveaway!