Monday, August 24, 2015


For years the crew of Fatguyfoodblog has brought you hilarious/offensive/ridiculous reviews of a wide array of items. Probably 2000 different kids of Oreos and Lays chips. Fifty flavors of Ben and Jerrys. Every wild, gross item from every fast food chain you can think of, (Yeah except In-N-OUT Burger, WE KNOW). We've even reviewed restaurants and offerings from cool Internet mail companies! But the time has come...FOR US TO EVOLVE. Bet you thought we were going to say we were closing up shop, didn't you? FOOLS.

So what kind of new things can you expect from FATGUYFOODBLOG going forward? Well not only will we still be reviewing all the absurd crap that comes our way, chips, burgers, ice cream, cookies...etc. But now we are also going to step up our restaurant reviews. Chain stuff? Yeah we'll do it, but we also want to be the ones who tell you how that new place that just popped up in your town is. Or perhaps that hot new spot everyone is talking about. We'll try it and tell you if it's a bunch of crap, or if it's worthy of the hype!

We're also going to be doing some FATGUYFOODBLOG recipes and HOW-TO posts. Some will be in our usual style, others might be video! Who knows what will pop up. Want to know how we do burgers? Want to know how to amp up your S'Mores to the next level? We're going to take you to school, bro! Teach you everything you need to know to wow people with wild snack concoctions. It might be a little bit before these start to pop up but they are coming down the line!

But to do this, we are officially putting out the call for writers! Ever since Mike left us to go record his debut album, we've been feeling that there's a hole that needs to be filled. Irwin tried out, but his inability to type or understand more than a handful of words in English hampered his writing skills.
I can't write, but I look cute in these glasses, guys...
So we need YOU. With Josh in NH and me in Seattle, we officially have one of us on each coast. However, we want to have the FGFB crew EVERYWHERE. All over the USA! We want to have someone in every neck of the woods. Every major city needs an FGFB blogger! So what's the deal?

- Your writing style should be similar to ours. We go over the top. No boring-ass reviews here! There's too many sites out there where someone drones on for a paragraph and it's cookie cutter crap that's basically the same thing they wrote in the last one. Who wants to read that? Also if you're in shape and like to try junk food ironically and then talk a bunch of crap about how you would never usually eat that kind of stuff? Just send your address so I can come to your house and slap you. But seriously, if you think your food blogging game is up to par, send us a sample!

- Photo skills. Ever check out a blog and the writing is great but it looks like they took the pictures with a flip phone from 2001? Not gonna cut it here. Take pride in your food porn pics!
-Do you get paid? Hell, no! Neither do we. We do it for the love of eating disgusting/awesome stuff! But as an official Fatguyfoodblogger, you will be on the inside. That means you'll get some great free samples and gift cards from time to time to help you get your mitts on whatever it is you're reviewing. Ever gotten a box in the mail with so much beef jerky that you could barely lift it? That in itself is payment! Plus we'll make sure you're swimming in FGFB swag!
So if you think you want to make people laugh talking about junk food, and join the ranks of the FGFB Army, drop us an email about it! Send it to !

What else can you do to help? Spread the word! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and repost our stuff for your friends to see, so they can become our friends too and we can take over the world together!

Other than that, buckle up, folks, because we're all going on a wild ride!

Rich, Josh and Irwin.


  1. Perhaps it is time for the Buffet King to make himself known!

    1. You lost that crown a long time ago, vegetable man!

  2. I'll give it a shot. The south has some strange things to review

  3. I'd be glad to do some reviews when I go on drills outside of NH. More often then not we try to be adventurous with where we eat. Let me know what you need and I'll help out where I can.

  4. I'd be glad to do some reviews. Fatguyfoodblog could use a fat girl from the chicken wing capital of the world lol

  5. Is mike really recording some or are yall just funny?

    And im super looking forward to how-tos! loved yalls few clips.

  6. Do I have to be fat? or is enjoying high fat food enough? :P