Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oreo Triple Review! Brownie Batter , Oreo Thin Mint and Cookies & Creme!

It's time for our monthly Oreo review! This time around we're tackling THREE NEW FLAVORS! I'll be honest though, it's mostly because our readers demanded it. This was just going to be a Brownie Batter Oreo post, but so many people wrote to us saying, "PLEASE REVIEW THE COOKIES & CREME!" or "YOU GUYS HAVE TO REVIEW THE OREO THINS!", that we finally caved and decided to add them into this review. So let's get to it and see if the maniacs at Nabisco have come up with anything worth keeping around! 


Most of us have a fond memory of being a kid and your Mom is making brownies and you hear her call out, "Who wants to lick the spoon?" I'll tell you what, I used to do everything I could to get to her before my little sister. Sometimes I would even trip her and toss her to the ground.  All is fair when you're trying to get the brownie batter spoon. She knew the score. Other times she would sprint in like the Flash and snatch it out of my Mother's hands so fast I wouldn't have a chance in hell at getting it. But as much as we all like brownies, I think that taste might have been harder for the Oreo scientists to nail down, so they went the batter route and that's fine by me!  But did they nail this flavor or not?

Yes they most certainly did. It's actually quite impressive. These cookies taste almost exactly like brownie batter. solid form. Which is weird, because that would normally be a brownie. So this throws your brain off a bit. You bite into the cookie and say, "Hey I know that taste!" But then your brain goes..."HEY HOLD ON JUST A DAMN MINUTE! SOMETHIN' AIN'T RIGHT! THIS AIN'T GOO! IT'S CRUNCHY!" But when you just eat the creme you can almost believe that all you have in your mouth is legit brownie batter.

If you're a brownie fan at all, I'd head to the store right now, because you're going to friggin' love these. I really can't even give a downside to them.

Next up, Oreo Thins! I'll be honest, I had zero interest in these whatsoever. Regular Oreos are already too thin! Why would I want a smaller, thinner cookie? Am I a lady on a strict diet? HELL NO. I don't need a diet cookie! But then I was able to try one without buying a pack...and damn it straight to hell...they are pretty good. I KNOW, I KNOW. You all probably want to form an angry mob to come get me in the middle of the night. But hear me out! 

Oreo Thin vs Oreo Double Stuf!

These taste great. Ever had a mint Oreo? They are solid! Now imagine that, but the cookie pieces are as thin as a church wafer. You get more of the flavor from the creme in the middle, rather than the cookie and these seem to burst with minty goodness. Not only that, but you can eat a ton of them! It's very easy, you can flip them like a coin right into your mouth.

The downside being, you can clear a package of these in no time, so be careful! They are also available in regular, but I didn't try them. I'm sure they aren't bad though. Although I will warn you. If you eat too many of the mint ones, they start to taste a little bit like toothpaste. But you have to eat a LOT of them.

I'd have to say that surprisingly, Mint flavored Oreo Thins are a great change of pace. Do I want Oreo to continue down this road? Not really. Everything in the world gets smaller while the prices stay the same. So while I liked trying these out, I'm not too interested in seeing them replicate every flavor into a Thin version. 
And finally, Cookies & Creme Oreos! 

These have been out for a bit but our readers still wanted to know what we think. I'll tell you straight up what the deal is with these. It's like they ground up some Oreos and put that in the middle of two other Oreo cookie pieces. It's Oreo in your Oreo.

Yeah, it's like that! They are good but somehow nothing really special. They might be one step above regular Oreos. The coolest part is that the creme has little cookie pieces in it for a fun little crunch if you split them open and eat just the creme. If you eat it as a whole, you don't notice as much.

While I don't think they are anything that special, they are not bad by any means. If you're choosing between these and plain Oreos, give these a try and see what you think! 

So let's take a look at the rundown:
Brownie Batter Oreos: Awesome. They nailed it. A!
Mint Oreo Thins: Somehow these are good! The ratio of creme to cookie is weird but good! B!
Cookies & Creme Oreos: Not bad at all, but not very exciting either. I give them a C+!

Oh and one last thing before we drop the mic on this post...

If you end up buying the Brownie Batter and Mint Oreos, be sure to build one of these bad boys. The mint brownie batter Oreo. This? THIS WAS TREMENDOUS. Hey Nabisco, can you make this a thing? Also maybe Peanut Butter Brownie Batter Oreos?

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  1. Don't Forget to heat up the brownie batter oreos in the microwave to get your gooey effect. After you've had them that way, its the only way to eat them...

    1. WHOA! I never thought of that but it sounds like a genius move. Nicely done!

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  3. In Poland have only classic Oreo! Buuu :(

    1. Just the one?! Not even the ones that are always around like Golden, Mint, or Peanut Butter?

  4. So do the Thin Oreos also have less cream? I'm still dreaming of the day they just do cookies and no cream!

    1. Yes the thin Oreos not only have thin cookies but also less creme. I'm surprised they haven't done a version with just the cookie part yet!

  5. I'm seriously pissed that MA and NH only have the stupid mint ones. I want to try oreo oreos so bad