Thursday, August 4, 2011

Triple Double Oreo Neapolitan cookies

When you run a food blog, sometimes you creep the Internet looking for word on snacks being released soon. Sometimes you hear about them from friends who live far away, like the Coconut Twix. I've been waiting for a certain someone to send me one in the mail for months but no dice. But a month ago I saw these cookies online,  from Oreo, the TRIPLE DOUBLES. I've looked in every store I've gone in since then.
Tonight the universe aligned. I walked down an aisle and as if drawn to them by some unseen force and there they were. I snapped up a package of them and then skipped out of the store, literally.
The Stuff of Legend...
Now at first glance you may not notice why these cookies are so incredible. You probably say to yourself, "Oh yeah look, it's a Golden Oreo with Strawberry that?.....Could that be ANOTHER LAYER OF FROSTING?! This time Chocolate??? AND THEN ANOTHER COOKIE???
Yup. That's what you're looking at.
It kind of messes with your eyes...
You see, the Oreo Triple Double is basically the Club Sandwich of cookies. Cookie. Frosting. Cookie. Frosting. It's kind of like they mixed this...
With THIS...
See what I'm saying? It is pure genius. Two things that are delicious apart from each other. Take great qualities from each and combine them into a SUPER SNACK. That's the category the Triple Double falls under from now on. This is a next generation cookie. This is extreme. When we were kids they wouldn't have had the balls to do this, but they do now.

So you have the delicious crunch of the Golden Oreo, which I didn't give a chance for a long time because the original Oreo is so good that I thought it was a stupid gimmick that couldn't live up. I was wrong. They are fantastic. Mixed with the Chocolate and Strawberry frosting? Still great. A ton of sweet flavors doing battle in your mouth. Does it taste like Neapolitan ice cream? Yeah. They definitely do, and their colors help that perception along quite nicely.

Cookie Carnage. 
The only downside to these is that they are a giant cookie and are quite rich. This is a downside because you cannot eat as many. They make you sugar sick a lot faster than their classic counterparts would. This is a small price to pay for such an awesome, extreme, next generation cookie.
If you see these at the store, buy them. Don't even think about it for an instant. Buy them, and rip the package open on the way home so you can sample them. You'll probably turn around and go buy another package.
Review by RICH


  1. Hey guys, why don't you have an RSS feed? I'd really like to read all your posts but I'm addicted to my google reader.

  2. The coconut Twix aren't anything special. I found them at my Walgreens like 3 months ago. They taste like regular Twix with a little bit more texture, but barely. I was dissapoint

  3. Ghostie- Man I'd still like to try them!
    Elizabeth- I told our tech guy we had an RSS feed request so expect word on it soon!

  4. @elizabeth i just did some googling around and apparently blogger is weird about RSS. so here is the RSS feed for you to just click and import!
    thanks for checking everything out


  5. Sounds yummy!! Hope they come to N. California soon XD

  6. Serving size: 1 cookie
    Calories per serving: 100
    Worth it: still out for debate...