Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's mid August. The weather is cooling down. A few trees have already started changing. And the infighting between players and owners has ended, meaning not only will we soon be blessed with another fantastic fall, but it will be a fantastic fall full of football. And this means, much to my surprise, that Stadium Nacho Doritos have returned!

These chips were around last year, and I LOVED them. They quickly earned the distinction of being the hardest chips to stop eating. I could fly through a bag in no time. I would go on rants, screaming about how crazy Doritos were to create such an awesome flavor and tell us before we even ate them that they'd only be around for a limited time. I said, "if they're supposed to be based around football, why don't they just have them come out every year around football season, so we have something to look forward to?!" Well, apparently someone at Doritos was listening to me, and thank you, random person. I appreciate you. Here- enjoy some pictures of what fat guys do when they are excited about chips and have free time at the house of someone who wears a size small jersey:

A fat, bearded Wes Welker plays the part of quarterback!

And throws to... himself!

Wes breaks 1 tackle!

And another!!


A quick champion mean-mug for the camera...

and a celebration! (surely to be fined for later) 

I love these chips- the closest thing I could compare them to would be the flavor of that homemade dip that everyone makes for the Superbowl, but more cheesy- with a hint of the cheese flavor used on Smartfood popcorn. A quick look at the ingredients reveals the following: cheddar cheese, cream, sour cream, swiss cheese, monterey jack cheese, parmesan cheese, jalapeno pepper powder, onion powder, and garlic salt among notables. So: 4 kinds of cheese, 2 kinds of cream, and some spice. That's exactly what they taste like. In fact, if you look closely, you can see the amount of cheese caked on these things: 

A few friends I know adore these, and a few hate them. But if you're reading this blog, you're already thinking of trying them. Please do, you won't regret it. AND, you'll make Doritos continue on with this seasonal magic. 

Everyone wants a bag.


Also, if you see these in stores, you'll see them next to "Tailgater BBQ" Doritos. Don't bother with these. I had them last year, and was so disappointed with them that I refuse to eat them again, not even for an enormously popular blog. They aren't worth $3.50 and my time. They taste like a standard BBQ flavor, only minus a lot of the flavor, and the addition of a charcoal-esque burn taste. Hey Doritos, YOU ALREADY MAKE BBQ CHIPS, AND THEY'RE DELICIOUS. And, you already made cheddar and BBQ too, which are also light years better than this crap. If you want to just have either of these be seasonal, I'll accept that. But stop with these- they aren't good. BRING BBQ TO THE US.


  1. THOSE I want to try. I'm going to hunt for them soon. I still need to try the pizza ones

  2. get them both at the same time! It will be an adventure!!

  3. Oh god I want them. I inhale Doritos whenever I get the chance... but I'm still stuck in the 90s. Ranch and Nacho Cheese forever.

  4. Remember that brief period in the early 90's when they were "Cooler Ranch" and "Nacho Cheesier"?

  5. I don't! rich, mike? well mike probably does, he's the chip god round these parts!

  6. I absolutely do. I also remember when Doritos changed the flavor of nacho cheese and ruined them. They have, for the most part, returned to their original goodness though.