Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Limited Edition Creamsicle Oreos!!

Here is the sequel to Rich's post- the other new Oreo flavor- CREAMSICLE.

From original creamsicle frozen pops to Orange Juliuses to mixing Tropicana orange and vanilla bean coolattas, the flavor of orange and vanilla together is consistently awesome. Pair this with Oreo's surprisingly good "golden" cookies? 


These things are beautiful- the orange and vanilla lay on top of each other in some sort of sexy cookie firosting dance- truly a work of delicious cookie art. 

Here is the weird thing though- every single one of them that I twisted the top cookie off had the orange on top. Was this some sort of irony? Was it me subconsciously only pulling off the cookie on the more orange side? Or do these secretly have more orange than vanilla?

Judging by the taste, it would seem that the latter is a possibility. Are these good? Absolutely. Are they creamsicle flavored? Not really. The inherent problem with these is that the filling in an oreo isn't really vanilla- it's just sweet and frosting-like. In contrast to a chocolate oreo cookie, it feels like it's vanilla- but if you think about it, it's really just sweet and not very strong on vanilla flavor. 

The orange flavor in these is strong, so the "vanilla" frosting and golden cookie have to really work hard to match it. They try, but they don't succeed. These are really just orange Oreos (Orang-eos?) with a slight creaminess to them. So for being labelled as creamsicle, these fail, but they are still pretty delicious. How many cookies have you had with orange frosting? I can't think of any. Definitely buy these. They are very good. 

I kind of wish they make a triple decker like in the Neapolitan cookies though. Oh wait, I can just do that myself...

Or I could step it up a notch...

(this was ridiculous. the strawberry and orange overpowered everything, but it was still kind of awesome.)

P.S. Hey Oreo, when you make ORANG-EOS, I want a cut. 



  1. Those sound better then the triple layer ones...nothing beats a creamsicle on a hot summer day

  2. Man...I hate creamsicle and I hate Neapolitan....they should seriously consider making Red Velvet oreos for the Holidays. OH GOD they need to make them!!!! I think i'll go write them right now and suggest it