Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Canadian Chip Party

WHAT!? Where did I get all these ridiculously awesome sounding flavors you've never had? Well, if you can read, you can see where I got them- freaking Canada. 
I didn't go there, no- my favorite chip companies have made me have to resort to doing the fattest thing I could possibly do- buy bags of chips on ebay. Did you know you can do that? You can. Certain flavors are only offered in certain areas/countries, and people make money by selling bags of chips to pigs like me. This worked out to be like 8 bucks a bag. Was it worth it? Sadly, yea. Very much so.

The day they all came was pretty special. I kept forgetting that I had ordered them, and then the second I heard the doorbell and Irwin freaking out at the mailman, I knew. Delicious flavor was on its way. 

Sour Cream and Bacon?! COME ON!

So I guess I'll just review this from awesome to most awesome, like I did in my last chip post.

Bold BBQ Doritos: Chip lunatics may remember that before Doritos created BBQ and cheddar chips a few yeas ago (then cancelled, brought back, and cancelled again), they sold BBQ Doritos. And they were awesome, right? Well, they still are. I've been to Canada twice and you can bet your ass that I left each time with some BBQ Doritos. They're strong, kind of tangy, spicey at times, and mix really well with the corn chip flavor to add a hidden smokiness too. Probably not worth 8 bucks, but if you go to Canada, get a bag. B-.

Bar-B-Q Ruffles: These also used to be sold everywhere in the US, first under "K.C. Masterpiece BBQ," then as "Authentic BBQ." They are still sold out west I believe, and they still rule. They have a very weird thing to them- the flavor seems to change by each chip. Sometimes they're smoky to the point of too much, sometimes they're really sweet, and sometimes they almost taste like vinegar. This makes each handful more interesting, and makes them hard to put down. "What flavor will they be next?!" If you're a Ruffles fanboy like me, I'd seek these out on ebay or in your own travels. B.

Smokey Bacon Lays: These are weird and awesome. Bacon is always a tough flavor to recreate, and often bacon flavored snacks just taste like weird chemicals. Well, these fall in between. The first few chips will confuse you- Is that bacon? uh.... kind of chemical-flavored... oh wait, that's awesome! They aren't 100% bacon, but whatever combination of chemicals they use to try and create bacon is wonderful. And as with all Lay's chips, the flavor is only increased and intensified when you get to the greasy bottom-of-the-bag remnants, leaving you wanting more. Totally worth 8 bucks. B+

Jalapeno and Cheddar Doritos: These chips are AWESOME, and by some quick internet searches, may be on the verge of disappearance. I would have taken a picture, but I ate them too fast. These are great because of 2 reasons- 1. Too many things that feature jalapeno do it to add spice, and because jalapeno is all the rage and it's become trendy to add it to things. But these are good because they perfectly capture the flavor of jalapeno without the spice. Sure, there is some kick, but you mostly just taste delicious jalapeno flavor. And 2. They mix in delicious cheese. Let's face it, jalapenos are good, but sometimes they are kind of blah on their own. The creaminess of the cheddar mixed with the pepper kick... mmm. I'm getting hungry and furious that I can't tear into a bag of these right now. Buy them for lots of money on the internet, or just go to Canada right now. These chips are fantastic. A. (would have been an A+ but they got a little bit less delicious towards the end- I think the spice took over at the end of the bag and made them a bit less awesome)

Sour Cream n' Bacon Ruffles: So let me get this straight- America, a morbidly obese country completely obsessed with adding bacon to everything we possibly can don't get these chips, and Canada, a country that shit on the face of bacon by creating their OWN SPECIAL BACON (it's just ham Canada, come on, we know) get to eat these all the time? How is that fair? These chips rule. Hard. My first bite, I said, "ok, it's the same fake bacon chemicals they used in the Lay's ones, just on ruffles..." then I said "oh wait... this is mixed with sour cream... oh man... that works sooo well" and then I said "oh no... this has an aftertaste that is 100% bacon... oh man" and then I said "MMFLLRLFH" (that's me jamming my face in the bag and trying to breathe in potato chips). These are an awesome idea for chips, and they 100% delivered. I will be buying these again. Hey Ruffles, why don't you stop creating pathetic gimmick flavors for a month at a time and make these a permanent fixture?!! A.

oh yea- side note: if you manage to find these, watch out for when you burp an hour later. HORRIBLE. The burp aftertaste is a demon straight from hell.
soooooooo good

I'm already working on getting some chips shipped from remote locations of the US from friends who probably wished they didn't know me. If anyone finds any weird flavors here in New England, LET ME KNOW. 



  1. I love this blog!! ahh!! Have you ever tried the pickle flavored Lays? They kinda taste like salt and vinegar, but good :)

  2. The Pickle lays are definitely interesting. I got to sample most of these ones here when Mike was doing his review and the Sour Cream n' Bacon Ruffles were by far the best. Just fantastic. That's it. I'm driving to Canada right now.

  3. Yea amanda, I actually bought a bag of the dill pickle when I was leaving Vermont last weekend. As a chip lunatic, I make sure to do some shopping any time I'm out of state to see if they have anything special. I completely agree with you about them tasting almost exactly like salt and vinegar. There will probably be a review on here soon.

  4. Target sells a delicious honey barbeque rib potato chip, sold under their Archer Farms brand. They have ridges too. They are amazing. Sorry if you have already reviewed these on here....

  5. LOL. I am from Toronto Canada and I envy your chip selection not vice versa.

  6. No ketchup chips??? Those are one of your national trademarks

  7. My favorite Canadian chips are the Lay's Roast Chicken Chips. There are Fries n Gravy chips as well that are interesting but not that great.

  8. I'm just gonna throw this out there.... The best (I mean BEST) potato chips come from Pennsylvania. They're called Middleswarth. The BBQ (especially kettle cooked BBQ) are TO.DIE.FOR.

    You can order them online. ($50 for 6 family size bags- Worth it!) I think it's pasnacks.com

    Try them. You'll thank me. Promise. I think I'm gonna order some now (Sadly j moved away from PA and miss my chips!)

  9. Ejoseph- I'll look into it.

    Raymahtani- Isn't it crazy how those damn chip companies make us jealous of each other? What do you want to try here? Maybe we could do a CHIP TRADE

    Tasha- I think chicken chips would be terrible, but I'd love to try them. Unfortunately I haven't seen them on ebay or anywhere else- there really does need to be some sort of online chip ordering system set up.

    Tabitha- I'll look into these as well.

    Everyone else talking about the ketchup chips- I had them 2 years ago. They were pretty rad, but I still think Tomato and Basil chips are similar but waay better. I was trying a few I hadn't had before and a few I missed. Due to the popularity of this post, it looks like I'll be doing a canadian chip review, part 2 soon.

  10. When I was in Mexico they had a Dorito flavor called "Incognito" SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!! If you can find those, get them! If you don't like them, I'll take them :)

  11. Bah! These are fairly normal Canadian chip flavours.

    If you want try out some stranger stuff you need to hunt down some Presidents Choice potato chips which have flavours like Chipotle Ranch, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Sweet Chili Thai, Ballpark Hot Dog, Greek - Feta Olve and Oregano, Baby Back Ribs, Tandoori Barbecue, Spicy Piri Piri, Szechwan, and General Tao Chicken. Though I looked on ebay and didn't find any on there.

    Though for a common Canadian flavour found in most brands that you can seek out would be All Dressed which I've never been able to quite figure out.

  12. wow! thats crazy, I do the same thing, but for American chips, never thought we had any chips that you couldn't get in the US!

  13. Gotta try Ketchup. Presidents Choice Chips.

    Also recently there was 3 degrees of Doritos. 1st Degree, 2nd, and 3rd. Variation in heat levels. Not to get in history too much but i believe last summer there was also Ketchup onion rings flavour.

  14. I remember the degree doritos. They were HOT. And I was scared of ketchup and onion rings doritos. Maybe I'll seek them out.

    Love ketchup chips!

  15. I tried the Ruffles Sour Cream N' Bacon chips this summer when traveling through Canada. They were sooo good! I have been searching for them ever since. I found them on EBAY for $13 a bag with shipping. I refuse to pay that much. I live in NH and wish they would just distribute them in the USA already!

    1. couldn't agree with you more. even a website where you could buy them for a reasonable price would be awesome

  16. And now they have poutine chips, just to make things that much more Canadian.