Thursday, November 27, 2014

PIZZA HUT WEEK, DAY 4: Cherry Pepper Bombshell

Day 4 of FGFB Pizza Hut week brings us to a pizza I can confidently say I would never try if it wasn't for us trading slices, but that taught me that leaving your comfort zone can be a great thing. 

By the way, if we haven't said this yet- you should do what we did. You don't have to be a bunch of pizza-crazed fat guys watching wrestling. You can just be people who like pizza. Get a bunch of different pizzas and slice-for-slice trade. You'll get to try weird stuff that you maybe wouldn't normally. And you may find something extraordinary you've been missing out on. Do it. 

So anyway, when we ordered, Dan was the only one of us who had tried a new Pizza Hut pizza, and although he wanted to try one (or all) of the other 20 new pizzas, he got what he had gotten before, because he was freaking out so hard about how good it was- the Cherry Pepper Bombshell. 

I assumed a cherry pepper bombshell looked something like this:

but nope. Sadly, it looks like this: 

what is that, lettuce? Is this a salad or a pizza?

Dan was more excited to eat something he'd already eaten than we were to try a whole new menu. Look at him peaking at Rich's chocolate chip cookie while Rich wasn't looking!

probably mouth breathed all over it

So this thing is as described: "premium crushed tomato sauce, premium salami (thank god they're both premium!), Peruvian cherry peppers and fresh spinach- flavored up with toasted Asiago on the crust edge and a balsamic sauce drizzle." They recommended their thin n' crispy crust, so that's what we got.

We opened up the box and although they forgot spinach, I was pretty impressed with this thing:

lookit that color!

Truthfully, I would't want spinach anyway. I like spinach in some things, but only cooked spinach. I can't imagine raw spinach leaves would improve this pizza, but Dan swears that it does. I'll have to find out later, because clearly, the night we ordered, Pizza Hut was either out of spinach or the person who made these pies hates it and tried to spare us.

I was pretty out of my comfort zone on this one. I've never had a peruvian cherry pepper and am usually pretty hesitant when it comes to peppers in general. I'm sure I've had salami on a meat pizza, but I don't think I've had it in giant slices like this- so predominant and huge. And I certainly had never had a balsamic glaze on a pizza, and probably not on anything else to be honest. Laugh at my food ignorance, but I hear "balsamic" and I think of salad dressing. And that's not something I want on a pizza. 

But this? This I want on a pizza.

So I'll break this down for you. 

Peruvian Cherry Peppers: Out. Standing. They're so sweet, they're like candy. There is absolutely no spice to them, and the Hut chopped them up nice and small so the pizza didn't get all watery, like green peppers can do. These have an almost fruity (not too fruity) sweetness that's hard to describe really- they are unique and they are special. 

Balsamic Glaze: While I don't agree that I want this on every pizza ever like Josh said in his review, it is absolutely essential to the success of this particular pizza. It kicks the sweetness of the cherry peppers- sorry, PERUVIAN cherry peppers into the next stratosphere. This glaze is like sweet, syrupy candy sauce, but sweet in a way that I feel like it would only work as well as it does with other sweet toppings. But man, it is fantastic on this pizza. Great job, Pizza Hut.

Salami: Just salty and spicy enough that it really works nicely to offset the sweetness of everything else. Pepperoni, my standard pizza topping, would probably be too spicy, while this really works very well. I noticed a slight spice in my mouth after finishing my piece, which is probably a little from the salami and a little from the peppers. But again, not too much.

Spinach: I don't know, but I'll find out, cuz I'll be getting this again. I feel like the last thing this pizza needs is bitterness, but maybe it adds just enough to make the sweetness not so ridiculous, while adding some texture and vegetables so Mom is happy. 

The crust was thin. That's about all I can say about it. The same goes for the Asiago crust. I have no complaints, but neither added a lot. It'd be hard for anything to really stand out on this candy pizza other than the candy.

As this pizza was, I have no choice but to give it an A. It's not something I'll get all the time though. It honestly was so sweet, I felt like I was eating a dessert pizza, which was kind of weird to me. But hey, I'm an adult. Why couldn't I just get a standard Mike pizza, then get one of these for dessert? Any pizza with any customization for only 11 bucks online? That's not a bad 22 dollar dinner and dessert right there...

-review by Mike

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  1. I'm glad I found this post! I was wondering what the peruvian peppers were like. ^_^

  2. I was just going to say the same exact thing! Thanks!

  3. $11 until you add the delivery charge, tip...and, well, I'm a sucker for stuffed crust :\. $17.49 before tip! $11 my ass! D=

    Great review though! First time at your blog, I'll def check out more. I had just googled the Peruvian cherry peppers because I had no idea what kind of flavor it was and wound up here. I didn't get the Cherry Bomb pizza, but you did convince me to add them to my custom selection of toppings!

  4. Oh, and as for the spinach, I'm actually a BIG fan of baby spinach leaves. As a vegetarian I'll add them to most anything as they're a nice iron boost and I don't eat red meat. Bearing in mind I've never had this particular pizza so I can't comment as to how it melded with the flavors being discussed here, but I DID try them on a custom selection of veggie toppings, and I believe I also tried the Balsamic drizzle that time. I have to say I was NOT a fan of the spinach on the pizza. So, again, coming from someone who will top most anything off with a few baby spinach leaves, I thought it was pretty awful on a pizza.

    I think they'd do better to chop them up a bit and spread them out, using less as well. Whole leaves with like 90% coverage of the surface of the pizza was too much. I might like it better if done as I just described.

  5. I add PERUVIAN peppers on pretty much any pizza nowadays. They work well with anything. It's magical.

    1. Oh man, me too. There are now a permanent fixture on any pizza hut pizza I order, haha.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation. It was delicious!

  7. The spinach gives it whole different texture, also is a flavor enhancer for the balsamic drizzle. This pizza is no longer on the menu. But can be made easily in the create your own pizza option.

  8. DUDE. Thank you for the recommendation. I too found this post trying to find out if Peruvian Cherry Peppers were a sweet red pepper or if they were hot. I'm a wimp, sriracha sets my mouth on fire.

    I ordered the Ultimate Cheese Lovers', replaced the white base sauce with the Premium Tomato, added Italian Sausage and the Peruvian Cherry Peppers, and the Balsamic drizzle, and substituted Hut Favorite flavor crust because the cheese crust flavors have turned out too "well done" in the past.

    The peppers turned out sweet and perfectly roasted, and the balsamic really set it off. Yum!

    p.s. I think usually the balsamic goes on top of the spinach leaves, so it really is like salad. Salad on a pizza delvery system. It just makes a mess IMO