Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PIZZA HUT WEEK, DAY 2: The Giddy-up BBQ Chicken Pizza!

Much like my buddy Mike, in recent years I have not been a fan of Pizza Hut. I used to freak out for the stuffed crust, I once even deemed it my favorite pizza. In fact, I once made a bet with a friend and the wager was a large onion stuffed crust. I won! Now way before that, I used to be a little fat kid who loved to read books. So when Pizza Hut was doing BOOK IT, I would tear through books like a madman to get those damn little stars so I could earn a personal pan pizza. Tough for my mom to say no to a trip to the Hut when I was getting a free pie out of the deal! But lately I just haven't been a fan. Seemed like the same old thing over and over. That coupled with the fact that I downright despise their pan pizza crust. I would honestly rather not have pizza than eat a slice of that. Something about how spongy and loaded with grease it is. I'm cringing just thinking about it.

But then, just when you think Pizza Hut is down for the count. Just when you're about to toss the first shovel full of dirt onto it's casket...

Ol' Pizza Hut still has some life left in them! 

I'm going to be honest here, looking at the new Pizza Hut menu offerings, I was taken aback. I had seen the articles. The Internet buzz had swept me up and I read through it all with glee. But when it came time to order, I panicked. WHAT PIE DO I GET?! Which crust? Sauce?! WHAT DAMN DRIZZLE WILL I HAVE THEM DRENCH IT WITH?!?! These questions plagued us all. But what I finally did was say, I am going to try one of the specialty pizzas that they put together for me, but one that boasts all the things that I love.

Well that wasn't hard. The Giddy-up BBQ Chicken pizza had my name written all over it. Sure, the name is kind of corny, but the combination of ingredients was too good to pass up! BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, hardwood smoked bacon, and red onions. But to top it off? Their new crispy cheddar crust and a bbq sauce drizzle! LET'S DO THIS, PIZZA HUT!

We are WAY too happy about this stack of pizzas. 

First off? This is a beautiful looking pizza. A+ for presentation right out of the box! 

 I ordered it on the hand tossed crust, which the website recommended. I also stuck with the cheddar crust, because HOW COULD THAT BE BAD?  So from what I can tell with these crusts, is that they either add cheese in certain ways, or a glaze to the crusts to enhance them. So with this one they added a ton of cheddar to it, so you get that crispy overcooked cheese all around it, and it's phenomenal. It adds another level of crispiness to the crust that was just excellent.

The biggest thing you notice about this pizza right away? How sweet it is. The bbq sauce on this thing is like candy. Willy Wonka himself would take a bite out of this and instantly throw a thumbs up and start dancing about it. It's a classic mix of bbq chicken pizza. Nice white meat chicken, covered in sweet bbq sauce, crunchy onions, huge chunks of delicious bacon and just the right amount of cheese. And then that crust! Two distinct crunches rolled into one! I don't have a bad thing to say about this pizza! Not one!

I'm going to give the Pizza Hut Giddy-up BBQ Chicken an A+
If you're down with a good BBQ chicken pie, this one is for you. Get it on the hand tossed crust with the cheddar. You won't be sorry!

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Review by Rich


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