Monday, July 25, 2011

Burger King ULTIMATE soft drink dispenser

I awoke this morning to a text from local wrestling superstar Brian Fury stating how his sister told him about this mega touchscreen soft drink dispenser, with over 120 different drink combinations at the Burger King down the road from me. I'm not much for soda, but I am a FATGUYFOODBLOGGER so I felt it my duty to arise, and take to the mean streets in search of this to dance in a fountain of pure sugar bliss!

I was hesitant to go here. I've been here before and a kind, respectful gentlemen had gotten into the managers face about how he had treated his girl in the drive through. Stating he'd never come back to this "Raggedy Ass" Burger King again, as well as insulting the managers position and life and pay grade. But noon on a monday, has a very different crowd and atmosphere.

much smaller than i anticipated
This glorious machine sat a little out of place, haphazardly thrown in place of the old trough style soda dispensers. Ladies and gentlemen, it's 2011.
simple, organized. i seem to notice how unattractive the "water" button was made. 

As a first taste test I decided to hit up Coke Zero, not the fattest of choices I know, but I wanted something familiar to taste test this black beauty.
After selecting a main cola base, there arises a sub menu in which you can choose from Cherry, Orange, Vanilla, Raspberry, Lime, Lemon, and Cranberry. Noodling through the menus, this is the standard for most drinks on the menu, tossing in a strawberry here and there. I think this is a step forward in the consumer actually having a choice in what kind of flavored drinks they can order to quench their multiflavored thirst. Bravo BK. 

So I got vanilla, and cherry, and orange Coke Zero. as well as an orange Vault, vanilla Vault, and then topped off the decadent soda orgy with a strawberry lemonade.

As far as flavor, the soda flavors overshadowed any of the flavor shots in the ones that I tried, leaving only the faintest of aftertastes of whatever additional flavor you chose. The only spot I found this not to be true is in the lemonades, which were absolutely fantastic. Dare I say rivaling any of the flavored lemonades you can acquire from your chain sit down restaurants? DARED.

A+ for innovation and letting my brain marvel at the possibilites
B- for flavor (but what did i expect)

A+ at forcing me to try different flavors and making me gut wrenchingly sick

thank you King for giving me more choices, this machine still needs further exploration but the only two suggestions would be to up the syrup count for a more noticeable flavor burst, and the ability to mix said flavors.

careful, use both hands


  1. There's totally one of these right outside the gates of heaven.

  2. not only at the gates, but strategically placed throughout the clouds!

  3. Josh I'm very surprised you didn't try any gingerale mixes. Isn't that what Seagrams is?
    This looks very cool.

  4. MIND BLOWN. I wonder if you can order weird combinations through the drive thru? Guess I'll have to find out.

  5. I would have, but there was just TOO MUCH to choose from. it's like in 90's when you went to the record store and wanted a CD, but completely forgot what you wanted when you got there.

    ALSO i should bring up this is a Coke initiative not a BK one, but, i still give them props for having the beans to put it in store.

    i also stopped getting any more soda when i saw the dude get on a ladder and stir the ice with his bare hands.

  6. Oooh I went to the above mentioned "Raggedy Ass" Burger King yesterday and played with said machine. Not a soda person, but man... TECHNOLOGY.