Saturday, July 9, 2011


     Well, this is a momentous occasion. A momentous occasion indeed. This marks the very first time at Fatguyfoodblog that an avid fan of the blog has not only contacted us to review a snack, but also went through all the trouble of providing the snack too! 
     The snack? Limited Edition Buffalo Blue Cheese Combos.
     The Fan? The man they call REINERT. He's a legend among men. Hushed whispers speak of a time when this beast took down four Quad Stackers from Burger King in one sitting. They also tell the tale of a day when he claimed the title MANIMAL by defeating the challenge of the same name. You may have seen it on Man Vs. Food.
     So if Reinert wants something reviewed and he brings it to me, it's going down. Every other post gets pushed back. Tossed aside like garbage. Here we go folks...
       If there's one thing a fat guy loves, it's tracking down a snack that's Limited Edition. Because he feels like he scooped up what could be something amazing, that only exists for a small period of time, that he could have easily missed and never experienced. The down side is that if it's good, he will go to great lengths to get as much as he can before they are gone. Which ties back into why he's fat in the first place. But I digress...
      Buffalo Blue Cheese Combos are in the pretzel casing rather than the cracker. They are supposed to mirror the flavor of a buffalo chicken wing dipped in blue cheese dressing, at least that's what the picture leads me to believe. What do they actually taste like?
Lot of empty bag here....
      Well they are tangy. And a little spicy. There's also definitely a creaminess to the paste in the middle that you could say resembles the blue cheese. They definitely don't taste like chicken or anything like that, unlike the RUFFLES MOLTEN HOT WINGS chips that we reviewed in our THREE WAY DANCE. You may remember that those chips took the heavyweight title of chip awesomeness. No? Well go back and read it sucka! RUFFLES TRIPLE THREAT
       Combos are a sub par snack. Let's face it. Every once in a while you scoop up a bag and it's good at first and then you get sick of them by the end, or they give you heartburn. These are not very different. They are tasty and you eat them for a bit, enjoying them. The spice never gets to you that much, even after eating a bunch, but it's there in the background, reminding you that these are buffalo flavored.
Pretty standard looking Combo. Hey is that Irwin back there?
     Bottom Line: Not bad. If you're a fan of Buffalo flavored snacks, or Combos in general, try them out. They are tasty, a little spicy, and a bit cheesy. In my humble opinion, I think they would have been better if they had gone with the cracker breading instead of the pretzel. The salt on the pretzel added to the hotness of the middle ends up teaming up and making you get sick of them a lot faster. I think the cracker would have toned that down a bit and actually make these easier to snack on longer. 
     So try them out, but do it fast, son, because they are LIMITED EDITION!
RATING: If I'm putting them up against other Combo's flavors I'd say a B.
                As a snack in general? C. For Coulda been better.
     Big thanks to REINERT for supplying the food for this review! You have some FGFB SWAG coming your way!
-Review by Rich


  1. Forget buffalo combos...CHEESEBURGER COMBOS are THE BEST. I got thm at Walmat in New England for a while, but can't find them now.

  2. i LOVE THESE, AND I AGREE WITH YOUR RATING... oops, sorry, I got so excited that I pressed Caps Lock. Anyway, I think these are great for a short snack, but not for a constant sit-and-munch.

  3. I just found these at my local Family Dollar, which means they are definitely on their way out.
    I agree with the flavor being there, but not quite all there. And, yeah... they are good... but not normal combos good.

  4. Big fan FG! I tried these suckers (being a fan of all things buffalo blue cheese) and holy salt block batman. Couldn't tell if I was tasting buffalo or it was just the salt overloading by buds. I'll finish the bag but not my fav