Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Listen up, Jack! Doritos just stepped up their game! How?
Well...they got JACKED! Three new flavors that boast on the bag that they are not only BIGGER than regular old Doritos, but they are also BOLDER AND THICKER!
I know what you're saying..."Come on Fatguyfoodblog ...is it possibly that Doritos can deliver on all three of these declarations?" You have doubt about the Jacked Doritos...and that's why you've come here, to read the truth. Well let me tell you this...They are indeed bigger, bolder AND thicker.
Let me put it to you this way. If this was me as a regular Dorito...
Hey, it's me...a plain old regular Dorito...

Makes sense now right? NOW FOR THE REVIEWS!

First off is the Smoky Chipotle BBQ flavor. These have a great taste! If anyone remembers the bbq Doritos that had a limited run, these are quite like those, but with more of a bite. After three of these chips your mouth is burning pretty good. It's not a terrible burn and it definitely doesn't take away from the flavor. It's a sweet, smoky bbq.

They are definitely bigger and thicker then a regular Dorito... but that's not really a good thing. They are a bit harder to eat. One chip ends up being two or three bites now. You can't just pop one in your mouth. The thickness changes the taste a bit. They almost seem more like a corn chip now.
But all in all not bad. I enjoyed the small bag of these that I sampled. I did have to keep taking breaks due to the hotness, but they tasted so good that as soon as the burn would subside I came back for more.

Next up is the Enchilada Supreme flavor. Same deal. Bigger. Thicker. Bolder. Bold in that they are plastered with flavor dust. The downside here is that the flavor is basically a stronger version of their taco flavor. It's a cheesy generic taco seasoning flavor. They aren't awful. We ate a bunch of them, but there was never a time when I looked around and said, "HEY THESE CHIPS ARE FANTASTIC!"

Notice the abundance of flavor dust.
Of the two I think I like the bbq better. But Irwin liked these just fine...
Irwin about to get JACKED.
There was also a third flavor...but I didn't buy it. Party because I didn't notice until I had already paid and was leaving the store. Also because after how spicy the Smoky Chipotle bbq were, I was scared that this flavor would just be a scorcher that I would hate, so I made the command decision to leave these out of the review...

Ranch Dipped Hot Wings... I just imagine them being hellish. I could be wrong. They could be delicious. If anyone out there has tried these, throw a comment on this post and let us know how they are!

So in the end, Doritos wasn't lying. These chips are Jacked. They are bigger. They are bolder. They are thicker. Are they better than regular Doritos? I don't think so. But they're interesting and something new. I'd say they're worth a try. If not for anything else, it's fun to yell to your buddies, "It's time to get Jacked!" As you rip open a bag.
I give the BBQ a B- & the Enchilada a C+
Review by Rich.


  1. I love that Irwin is in the first two pictures with a "gimme those chips" face.

  2. I saw these in the store yesterday and immediately thought of FGFB. Thanks for the review, I think I'll pass on trying these.

  3. I find normal Doritos a two-bite chip. I can't imagine them bigger. Thanks for letting me know I should pass!

  4. "Let's get Jacked!"

    *rips Doritos bag open and flying pieces go everywhere*

  5. Couldn't agree more with the grades you gave the two flavors. I really wouldn't buy these, rather forgettable.

    I did learn that these chips are part of a silly-named demographic at Frito-Lay. Apparently these are being marketed to the 'bro-consumer'. Meaning the young adult male that loves to eat junk food while getting drunk.

  6. Haha that totally makes sense. "Bro-consumer", I like that.

  7. The Hot Wings ones are awesome! You should def try them out I give them a 5/5! Specially if you get some ranch dressing Oh my..

  8. I remember the previous BBQ Doritos - they were "EXTREME" Doritos, lol and very tasty. Will have to try the new ones.

  9. I love the enchillada ones and regret not having bought the hot wings one. I can't wait to go back to the store. I now understand what it is like to have a cocain addiction.

  10. The Hot Wings ones ARE THE BEST!!!! Of all 3 flavors, those ROCK the most!! Serious flavor and spice!!! GO BUY THEM!!!

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  12. I tried the Smoky Chipotle BBQ. I really liked the heat level of this flavour. These Jacked are a nice change from a regular Dorito, but I wouldn't buy it often.

  13. I just finished the Enchilada Supreme flavor and loved them!!! They go great with southwestern ranch dip. And I brought pulled pork to work but no bread so I loaded the chips up. Extra thickness of chips was perfect.

  14. I found the Ranch Hot Wing ones way too spicy and I like spicy stuff. Legit my mouth is still burning...