Monday, January 24, 2011


Upon finding Pizza Supreme Doritos at the store, I immediately knew I had to try them. The question was, would they taste anything like pizza? So many chips have failed at trying to capture the flavor of pizza, and those that have succeeded have usually made me realize that I don't like the flavor of pizza on chips- or at least whatever the chemicals making up the flavor believe the taste of pizza to be. 

The first bite of these tasted like pizza- kind of. There is definitely a strong flavor of parmesan and some extra spices like oregano or perhaps Basil. A few more chips in and I realized that the flavor of corn chips worked quite nicely with this flavor (where potato probably wouldn't). After thinking I was done, and then picking up the bag 4 more times, I realized that these chips were in fact, quite good. 

They don't really taste like pizza though. They do at first, but the more I ate, they just tasted like a combination of cheeses and a few extra "pizza-ey" spices. They remind me a lot of a recent favorite- Doritos' Stadium Nacho (R.I.P.- damn you, Doritos) in both flavor (just with those extra pizza-ey flavors), and inability to stop eating them. These are definitely worth buying. And buy quick- if the history of new Doritos chips is any indication, these will disappear within a few months (again, damn you, Doritos.) 

A solid B+.

Review by Mike.


  1. Mike, I give you points for that picture. Nicely done. I will try to match it with my post tomorrow night.

  2. Mike,

    I have to stongly disagree with your B+ rating of the Pizza Supreme Doritos. The first few had a faint resemblance to Pizza flavored Combos, then all the spices get muttled together and it taste like a reg nacho flavored chip. Big disappointment for me i would go C-.....but hey what do I know?