Sunday, December 4, 2011

CINNAMON M&M's! Expecting them to be gross? I was too!

This week, while checking out the holiday candy section at Target, we stumbled upon THESE...
Cinnamon M&M's? Sounds Gross...

At first I was like, "WHOA NEW M&M's!" But then I took a moment to let it sink in and said. "Ugh, Cinnamon? Really?"
But with a sigh, I tossed them into the cart, knowing the the score of FATGUYFOODBLOG fans would be wanting to know how these were. But I had no doubt in my mind that they were going to be gross. 

But here's the thing...I was wrong. 
See, I was expecting it to taste like a candy shell surrounding a stick of BIG RED gum. That gross, fake, chemical cinnamon taste that nobody on earth really likes. The one that burns your tongue a little bit and just makes you regret ever opening your mouth. I figured it would be the M&M version of that. 

Turns out, THEY DON'T SUCK!
But they aren't. They are big like Pretzel M&M's, and they only come in brown and red colors. At first they taste like a big, plain M&M. But then as the chocolate is melting in your mouth (Not in your hand), your taste buds perk up and detect something different. It's a splendid, subtle cinnamon flavor. Kind of like if you dropped some M&M's on a Cinnamon Roll and then scooped them off with some of that cinnamon roll goop on them and ate them. The candy shell shatters, makes way for chocolate and then...a great little burst of cinnamon. 
This was a pleasant surprise. There are very few times I am this certain that a snack is going to suck, only to have it completely turn me around. 
This holiday season when you are going to fill your candy dish with something sweet, perhaps this time you will take a chance and let your guests try these. Go for it. They are pretty darn good. 
And they have the sexy green M&M on the bag. can't go wrong, right?