Monday, October 5, 2015

I heard you liked Treats?

In the ever expanding world of box deliverables, there's so many cool things you can get sent to you on a reoccurring basis, that it's hard to decide WHO exactly to give your hard earned, factory sweat soaked money to. So when Treats contacted us and told us what they offered, the Fat Guy Food Blog excite train got an extra heaping of coal jammed into it's fires, chugged right along into Pumped Town, and came to a screeching halt into Stoked Station. is a box deliverable site, where once a month (for a tiered subscription price) you get snacks from all around the world sent to you. Sounds pretty cool right? Global treats to your doorstep without having to find a shirt that DOESN'T have a stain on it. There's 2 different boxes right now, and luckily for us, we got the larger one!

Treats has the presentation down. A slick, classy and a welcoming box display which ushers it's excited new subscribers to enjoy the snack journey, and shows you that not only does the food matter, your experience matters.

I'm going to be honest with you. When I opened the box, I wasn't excited at all. A box filled with brightly colored Japanese rice based snacks? EEESSSSSSSSSSSSSH. Where's the Canadian and Dutch chocolates? Where's my German Euro cakes and Italian off coffee flavored weirdness? So, what I did, like any true Food Blogger would do, I pushed aside my biases, brushed away my ignorance and exposed my mouth, to another realm of snacks. Even if some of them were, of questionable flavors.

cool. Kaki no Tane, a soy flavored rice cracker.....

In the interest of brevity, I'm not going to be reviewing each snack in this box, but after going through this box, and seeing what it had to offer,  I do have to say, that most of the treats in this box were pretty decent. From Jagabees, a buttery flavored soy french fry chip thing, to a strawberry Caplico, which was a fake, creamy candy ice cream wax on a waffle cone, these snacks opened up my eyes to what is actually possible within the snack realm.

And isn't that what this is supposed to do? Expose us to things, broaden our minds and let us take a lesson from a different fat culture and demand something more from what we have here in the states?
I think this idea, and the exposure to these off branded items, is a smart play for the entire snack spectrum. A rising tide lifts all boats.  Although a collection of these weren't incredible, for the most part, each separate snack had something to offer.

One thing I absolutely will NEVER demand, are these:

these are absolutely disgusting and should be banned from shelf space

Treats, and you can find them over at is a cool service, and I think that if my highly ignorant snack mind can be changed from just a few different samplings of treats from a foreign snack landscape, I think peace in the middle east is right around the corner.

  I give Treats a B
Not just for this box but the excitement
of where the snack experience will take me.
Perhaps to a far off land, where I'll sample flavors
that simply cannot be obtained 
at my local gas station. 
Good Job Treats, what's next?
-Review by Josh

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