Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey MEGAFUDGE!

Eons ago, a FATGUYFOODBLOG fan e-mailed us and asked us to review the Heath Bar Chips Ahoy cookies that had apparently come out awhile ago. As I feel Chips Ahoy generally makes pretty unexciting cookies, I don't pay much attention to when they come out with new stuff. But once I saw that they had also made Reese's Pieces, I was sold. I was excited to see what Chips Ahoy could do with these delicious candy flavors. Turns out? Not so much.

As expected, the cookies looked nothing like the ballistic cookies in the picture. But that's expected. Were they good? Not really. Heath Bar is a very distinct flavor that works great with some things (like ice cream) and not so much with others- like sub-par, crunchy cookies. The problem with Chips Ahoy cookies is that they really are only good with milk to soften them up. And since their flavor isn't very strong, you end up losing any flavor of Heath bar in the utter blandness of the whole thing. Fan who wrote in: I would not bother with these. I really wanted to like these, but they just aren't very good. Go get a Heath Bar blizzard or a pint of the always fantastic Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ben And Jerry's ice cream instead.

These get a D for don't bother.

The Reese's Pieces cookies were much better. Peanut butter is a flavor that definitely jumps out at you more, so these definitely tasted like sub par cookies with Reese's Pieces in them. But I'd still say it's best to just not bother with these. They're good for Chips Ahoy, and I'd give them a C+, but I think most fat guys would agree with me that softer, chewy cookies will always win out over these. 

And to segue perfectly to the heart and soul of this post, good lord has Chips Ahoy done something spectacular. Rich wrote a post back in June about regular chocolate chip "CHOCOFUDGE" cookies, but we all agreed that they weren't that exciting. These though- these are how Stella got her groove back. These are the excitement you've been looking for in your boring life. These are worth getting out of bed in the morning. These are what Chips Ahoy should abandon their entire line of cookies for. Time for a re-branding guys. You've struck gold. Stop bothering with anything else- this is now your focus. 


When I opened the bag, the cookies looked like they had been beat up- they were mis-figured, falling apart and covered in white chocolate chips and chunks of fudgy brownie goodness.

it's pointing at me

The problem with the Chocofudge cookies was that they were just OK cookies with not a lot of fudge inside. It felt like a fun gimmick cookie that missed its mark. The beauty of these is that if they didn't have fudge in them, they'd still be incredible. They are gooey like brownies, very strong in chocolate flavor, the white chocolate chips add a slightly different flavor and texture, and the parts where the chips got burned add a surprisingly fun crunch every now and then. And then, right at the peak of your cookie-mouth lovemaking, you'll hit the fudge. And you'll hear angels sing.

no photoshopping here, folks.

You'll "oh" face like no tomorrow and soon, much to the dismay of the roommates you told could eat some, the bag will be gone. I'm not promising gobs of fudge dripping out of every cookie (the picture above was just a REALLY good one), but the inclusion of fudge just makes these cookies go from fantastic to phantasmic orgasmic. These are honestly some of the best store-bought cookies I've ever eaten, and I will be buying another bag as soon as I can drag my megafudge-filled gut to the store. 

I rate these an O for OH face. 



  1. Hey, I'm the fan that sent that email =D

    I'd like to say thank you VERY much for doing the review, and I really appreciate the totality of it all! I've certainly made a informed decision, and will not be wasting what would likely be twice as much for the product in shipping charges to eat away at something less than appeasing to the taste-buds. On the other-hand, those chewy Chips Ahoy look pretty damn good! (specially the second photo). Ironically, I haven't tried the mega-fudge version of the Chewy Chips Ahoy cookie so this review was the jackpot for me!

    Thanks again, FGFB. I'll certainly be looking towards future reviews for my junk food-fix!

  2. YOU ARE WELCOME. It feels great to help someone out. I wasn't excited to do the review until I found the megafudge ones. Get them, you will be psyched, I promise.

  3. From one fat guy to another, thanks for the heads up. Always nice to get some insider info so that we don't accidentally fill up on the cheap stuff. Question, what is your opinion on the standard Chips Ahoy Chewy (or as I call it "Red Bag")? I agree with your assessment of the standard "Blue Bag" cookies. If they are around I'll eat them, but I don't go out of my way to get them. However, I find the Red Bag version to be quite a savory treat much like Soft Batch cookies (coincidentaly, also come in a red bag).

    And discuss.....