Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sweet & Salty Bugles : Caramel & Cheddar!

Sweet & Salty Bugles: Caramel & Cheddar.
At first glance when you see this package swinging on the rack next to the rest of the Bugles you might not realize what it is. We've all seen Caramel Bugles. They've been doing them for a few years now. They are great. Then there's the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles. Also great. Then there's the original flavor, Nacho Cheese, and there's some other wild ones you might have in your neck of the woods too, like Buffalo, and Zesty Ranch.
But then you realize, like I did, that this is two flavors in one bag, and there's no way you can walk away without trying them...

I'm not going to lie. I've been sitting on this review for a while. Not because I wasn't excited about these things, because believe me, I loved them. But it was because of the pictures. We randomly happened upon them when on a day trip and stopped for a snack. Instead of saving some to photograph when I got home, I took the pictures for the blog in the car, and then devoured the bag like a madman. The down side of this is that when I uploaded the pics from that day, they were horrible. The lighting was bad and every pic where my fingers were holding a Bugle, they looked like the fingers of a deformed monster. So I scrapped the review. But I kept my eyes open for these things at every store I went to and it took MONTHS but I finally found them again.
Which brings us here today.

When I told people about these I got a lot of mixed reactions. Most were bad. Like "Ew seriously? That sounds awful." WHAT?! No. It sounds fantastic. And it was! It's one bag, inside, it's caramel and cheddar Bugles mingling all together in each others flavors.

Few snacks live up to their name like these do. Sweet & Salty all the way. Despite being tossed into a bag together, each flavor of Bugle manages to hang onto it's own distinctive flavor and texture. The caramel Bugles and very sweet and almost encased in an armor of caramel. Like each Bugle is Tony Stark and an Iron Man of caramel activates and surrounds it. The Cheddar? Fully dusted with a classic cheese powder, like it was blessed by a cheese fairy who instead of pixie dust, waved her wand and sprinkled them all with Cheesy Dust.  This brings the salty part to this mix.

Caramel & Cheddar.
Eaten one by one, they are delicious, but together they are a flavor explosion. Put your fears to rest, America, these bad boys go great together. Instead of fearing them, pluck a bag down off the rack if you're lucky enough to actually see them in a store and try them out. They are rare. If you find them at a store, don't expect them to be there the next time you stop in. They are quite elusive so when you find them, BUY THEM.

I will give these a solid B. For BAM! These are delicious! I would have given them a higher rating, but there is one drawback I could find. Whenever you eat Bugles, at some point you put them on your fingers like claws. You pretend for a moment that they are a monsters talons and claw at the air before returning to snacking. You can still do this with the Cheddar Bugles but NOT the Caramel. The caramel covering on them is too thick and in some cases just fills the back hole to the point where you just can't do it. No caramel claws = no A rating on!


  1. Actually I don't find this combo that strange. I spend a lot of time in Chicago and they have the best popcorn called "Nuts on Clark" and the classic Chicago blend of popcorn is caramel popcorn and cheese popcorn. Garrets does this too but it's much greasier and artificial tasting. But the combination of rich chewy caramel popcorn with the crisp salty and cheesy popcorn is absolute heaven =)

  2. It's a bit expensive because of the tin and the quality is really good, but it's so worth it

  3. My brother and I discovered this combo when we were making caramel corn. I was so excited when I saw this in the store. They ARE hard to find, Luckly I drive a delivery truck and I'm going to convenience stores. Took half the night, but I found a store that had them and bought every bag!!