Monday, October 10, 2011

Cookies from THE COOKIE JAR...

I recently stopped into Aroma Joes in Somersworth, NH to grab a coffee one morning- the one where you can actually go inside. I don't get there often, so I'm not usually able to take a gander at what they have for pastries and donuts. Most days, I have to yell about something through the drive through window and cross my fingers they still have some left. "CRANBERRY ORANGE SCONE PLEASE!.....what? Sold out? Sigh...I'll just go hungry." But this day, that wasn't the case! I ordered my coffee and as I was looking in the case at the various treats and something off to the side caught my wandering eye.
A small package of cookies...
There were three cookies in the pack and after hefting the bundle in my grip for a moment, my brain had already decided that these had beat out all the other things in the shop that day. So I decided to try them.
And boy, am I happy I did.
These cookies are fantastic. I've had my fair share of chocolate chip cookies in my day and honestly, most of them get lost in the shuffle. A cookie has to be pretty damn good to shine beyond the mediocre masses of them. These definitely do.

Chock full of chocolate chips, I'm talking PACKED, but somehow it's not too much. It's like the cookie to chip ratio is somehow perfect. The cookie itself is rich and chewy, with just the slightest salty hint to make for that perfect sweet and salty taste that I pretty much want EVERYTHING I snack on to have.
I ate the first cookie fast and then savored the second two. The moment I was finished I kind of wished I had bought a second package. Now that I'm typing this, I wish I had a package in front of me. I'd tear into it like a wild man and hope to the good lord above that nobody was around to see how much of a pig I was making of myself.
So go track down some of these cookies. Their website says that all Aroma Joes coffee houses have them. The locations are listed there. You can also read up on their story and some pretty solid testimonials. Check them out at: .
I could only rate these cookies with an A. Anything else would be absurd.
Review by Rich


  1. been following your blog for a few months now and ive got to say im a big fan of fgfb :]
    do you have a po box?

  2. We do not have a PO BOX yet. Why do you ask? Hopefully it's because you want to send us SNACKS!

  3. one of my favorite things to bake is scones-cranberry orange scones at that. please let us know when you guys get a po box-i'm sure i'm not the only fan waiting to send you stuff :]

  4. The Cookie Jar Cookies are amazing. I make the effort to go out of my way to stop at Aroma Joe's to get these... They are so addicting and delicious!

  5. Yeah eat local! That's a plus :)