Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Volun-Tiramasu

Ben and Jerry's Volun-Tiramasu
Stumbled upon this new flavor at Target. Along with a few others. I decided to review this one first because it sounded the weirdest.
Coffee Mascarpone ice cream with cocoa dusted coffee rum lady finger pieces.
Hmm. Okay. First of all. What the hell is Mascarpone? I had no idea. I bought this blind. Someone told me it was a kind of cheese and scoffed, making a dumb face. "Cheese...In ice cream. Good one, dumb ass."
But...yeah I was wrong. That's exactly what it is.
Mascarpone (English: /ˌmæskɑrˈpoʊniː/ or /ˈmɑːskərpoʊn/Italian: [maskarˈpoːne][1] is an Italian cheese made from cream, coagulated with citric acid or acetic acid .
It just gets more and more interesting. I like coffee. I usually like things that are dusted with cocoa. I like...cheese.
Well here's the deal. This ice cream just isn't that good at all.
The ice cream itself is coffee but a very light. The flavor is almost an afterthought. It's the weakest coffee ice cream I've ever tasted with it still being able to be called coffee. It's almost like I was eating flavorless ice cream and someone walked by drinking a coffee and my brain tried to link the two. Now as a man who enjoys the strongest coffee I can get my hands on, I have no room in my life for weak coffee tastes.
Strike ONE.
There was still hope. The Cocoa Dusted coffee run lady finger pieces! mean those bland chunks of stale bread that are hidden in here?
With the half a seconds worth of chocolate taste on the outside? Nope. Those aren't saving this train wreck. Sorry Ben. Sorry Jerry.
You knock a lot of these flavors out of the park but this is not one of them.
So if you like to be bored, or you aren't big on flavor, Volun-Tiramisu is probably the ice cream for you.
But if you're like most of the food lovers that visit FATGUYFOODBLOG, you want big flavor. Steer the snack train clear of this pint!


  1. Yeah, I tried a mini one serving version of this some time ago and it was really quite disappointing.

  2. Is that one of the exclusive flavors

  3. That's disappointing. I had hope for that one.

  4. Did you try the SNL-inspired "Schweddy Balls"? It's a little heavy on the rum flavor, but since I haven't had much alcohol in sixteen months I kinda liked it. And that makes me sound like a drunk.

  5. We actually have a post ready to go up about Schweddy Balls. Up until just recently it was impossible to find in our area. Expect to see it later this week. Also, that does make you sound just a little like a drunk. But thats all good :)

  6. i told you you made a mistake picking that one out of the lot you had to choose from

  7. I actually really like this flavour, and I don't like most B&J ice creams. No one else seems to like it but that means MOAR FOR ME. :D

    I definitely want to try Schweddy Balls. I think I remember seeing it at Target...

  8. Just tried some, came across this blog cuz I was trying to figure it what mascarpone and rum lady fingers are. Definitely bland. Hated the taste and texture of the bread bits. So far my fav has been Caramel Sutra, nom nom. But for over a week they've been sold out in 3 stores I go to. :/
    Anywho, Love. This. Blog. Now! Spoke my thoughts. Thanks!