Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Cake Oreo Cookies!

It's a first here over at Fat Guy Food Blog! We have many fans of the site, many friends and family that always talk about tossing their two cents into the Fat Guy Food Blog review arena. But today, we bring forth a new gladiator. A warrior who's words and tongue fight to give you, the masses, the entertainment you desire. Welcome our friend and Fat Guy brother in arms, Husky Heath, as he reviews the much coveted Birthday Cake Oreo's:

I first heard about these mysterious new Oreo's from a friend. ill admit at first I wasn't that excited because every time Oreo releases a limited edition or seasonal Oreo its just different colored cream filling but still the same Oreo flavor. its like a evil trick for my brain that the corporate suits at Nabisco get off on. When I see Halloween oreos with orange filling I immediately want them to be orange flavored but every year just the same old Oreo filling taste, Don't get me wrong I love original oreo's but I always want something a little different. Enter birthday cake oreos! Apparently on March 6th, 2012 Oreo's turn 100 years old. I had no clue people were enjoying oreos with milk in 1912. Anyway I was told these didn't hit shelves until that actual date so you can imagine how fucking excited I was when I was strolling down the aisles of my local market and the beautifully packaged cookies caught my eye displayed ever so nicely on a high traffic area end cap. I immediately grabbed 3 boxes, Why three you ask? because I'm fat and these are limited edition. My fiance grabbed two packages out of my death clutch and put them back on the shelves and just stared at me with the most disappointed scowl as if I forgot to buy her flowers on Valentine's day.

I love limited edition packaging 
I'm not gonna lie to you I wanted to take a picture of the actual unboxing for my first bite because these come in a different packaging than normal oreos which is smaller and has a resealable door with clasps. but the truth is I opened them in the parking lot. The second I opened the bag I was hit with a wonderful vanilla aroma. The same smell from all the store bought birthday cakes I received growing up, which to me was amazing. Nothing better than heavy pure sugar frosting.

As you can see I ate more than just a couple in the car! 
First thing I noticed when I actually looked at the cookie is that they have more filling than normal oreos and even have rainbow sprinkles in the creme.

Its hard to get the iPhone camera to focus when your hand is shaking with anticipation for the first bite. 

When I took my first bite I immediately felt justified for being so overly excited to see a new cookie. They are excellent. Think birthday cake batter ice cream but better! After I finished my first one and reached for my second Cookie I noticed that one side of the cookie is the same as usual but the other says Oreo 100 and has a single candle. Nice little touch. The best part about these birthday cake cookies is that They are filling for the opposite reason as usual. For me I get full of the chocolate cookie of the original Oreo but with this new birthday cake creme I taste more of that and fill up on it instead. Which is exactly what I wanted a different flavored filling for my Oreo.

(we got your back buddy) The should be a 400, with the letters "L" and "B" next to it cause that's what it'll make you!

In closing I would give this new addition to the Oreo family a thumbs way up for nailing my high expectations. My only advice is to go to the store ALONE when you buy these so no one is there to limit your take. After all these are limited edition and we may never see them again so stock up like you actually believe the Mayans were right and the world is gonna end this year!

P.S. I want to thank Josh, Rich and Dirty Mike for asking me to do a guest review for the site. Hopefully my post is half as exciting as Josh's.

(josh: I dig this dudes posts!)


  1. Ok, I'm totally going to the store on my lunch break today and getting some of these. I'm sold.

    Well done.

  2. You will not be disappointed!

    -Husky Heath.

  3. I was away when all this happened, and just returned to the fatguyfoodblog home yesterday and finally got to try them. They really are something special. Damn.

  4. Ah, I can only imagine the bits inside the creme have a similar texture to the last Seasonal Oreo Cookies (Cookies & Creme Milkshake) I had. They need to get this to Canada, STAT!

  5. Why did i pass these by???

    Also I love your guys' basset in the background.

  6. smh, I have 2 packs in da kitchen dat keep whispering my name and it's 2:47am. Trying to be strong.

  7. Jim, his name is Irwin and he's our unofficial mascot. Sadly, he doesn't understand that us tempting him with treats to get in the pictures is a good thing- that he's internet famous. He just wants the food.

  8. WHERE DO I FIND THESE?! No stores have them :(

  9. Yea, they're oddly hard to find. We've been lucky at Hannaford, but you may not have any of those anywhere near you.

  10. Just got around to trying these yesterday and my suspicions have been confirmed - they're the exact replica of the Cookies & Creme milkshake flavor they released last year with a little more filling, and less grams in a package.

    If you have the preconceived notion this is a bad thing, it isn't. Well, at least not for me. I LOVED the Cookies & Creme Milkshake Oreos and apparently Nabisco/Christie has heard my outcry! Oh, and the genius who decided to double-stuff em' this time around? Nice.

  11. Has anyone tried the new Orange Creamsicle flavored Oreos yet? I work in a supermarket and everyone who buys them says they're amazing.

    1. We reviewed them! They're pretty solid.