Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MINI POST: Choco Zucaritas / Chocolate Frosted Flakes

thanks to for the pic!
To be honest, I'm fairly ignorant to the ways and customs of our brothers to the south. I'm glad to see El Tonyo El Tigre smashing the barriers and celebrating Mexican culture by releasing Choco Zucaritas! Now, I MAY BE WRONG, but I'm pretty sure NUEVO means "steal" and Zucaritas means "the exact flavor from Cocoa Krispies" because that's exactly what the chocolate tsunami behind El Tigre, or should I say LA TIGRA (little spanish humor there) did.

The Cereal is actually not bad, Cocoa Krispies, and I'm cool with a flake version of it so, hey, why not!

no feet of rival gang members here!
I give this a:
mediocre, but, still has the good chocolate taste instead of the gross poison chocolate you'd see from genero brands

-el Gordo

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