Friday, March 9, 2012

Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco ....

Is there anyone out there who REALLY likes a regular old hard shell taco? The crappy hard shell, that keeps you from being able to load ridiculous amounts of toppings onto it? The hard shell that is usually tasteless and the instant you bite it, it shatters into a thousand pieces and dumps the taco's innards onto your shirt and lap?
Are there really people that like these? 
Sigh. Apparently, yes. I don't understand it. But there are. I, myself enjoy a soft taco, if I'm going to eat tacos. But for the most part, I just don't eat them. Why?
Burritos are better. 
Since we got a Chipotle within driving distance from here, I very rarely venture into Taco Bell. I prefer premium ingredients to fast food. Call me a snob but it's true. 
But that didn't stop me when I heard that Taco Bell was making a taco with a shell made out of DORITO. In fact, I was excited about it. I heard about it a month ago and then it vanished from my brain.
Until I was driving home last night and saw the huge sign in the window of taco bell as I blew past it in the Fatguyfoodblogmobile. Instant U-turn and I was ordering a couple to go at the drive through. 

Whaaaa? A taco with a DORITO SHELL???
So for starters, the thing is TINY. Hard shell tacos are small anyway, right? This one? Feels like you can barely fit a taste of each ingredient in here before the thing is filled to the brim. How many tacos like this are you supposed to eat in one sitting? 15? 
See? Is it even an inch wide?
My first bite found that near the bottom, where the beef touches the shell, it was pretty soggy. The next bite, near the top? Mostly crispy...but it felt slightly stale. Did it taste like Doritos? Yeah...kinda. I mean, the taste is definitely there, if you lick the outside of the shell, it's that same Nacho cheese flavor. You can't deny it. 

But it could have more of the flavor. I feel like it gets lost with the other taco flavors and isn't as intense as it should be. The biggest flavor is the gross beef. Yes. Gross. It's like they shred up rancid animal carcasses and toss a bag of Mexican spice in it. It's just nasty. So that was the big strike against it in the first place. I tried to put my hatred for Taco Bell beef aside to do this review, but let's be honest here. It was really tough. 
Should you try this? SURE. it's cheap and everyone is talking about it, so why not?
Will you love it? Doubtful. Unless you are a die hard Taco Bell fan, I can't see anyone raving about it. 
But try it. It's a taco with a DORITO SHELL!
I give it a C. And that's being nice. 
But if you want to see an awkward video of me reviewing this thing, HERE YA GO!


  1. Not a day has gone by when I haven't thought to myself, "You know what would make a Dorito better? If it was stale and soggy with meat juice."

  2. How dare you diss my precious hard-shell tacos!? NOM! NOM! NOM!

    No seriously, though.. nothing does it for me like crunching into a hard-shell Taco Supreme. Guess it's the texture for me. Not a big fan of the Doritos/Taco conception, seems like a lazy-idea and they're just two things I don't want think of going together. Maybe a Tostito would work, since you don't necessarily have to worry about conflicting flavors OR one overwhelming the other, but I would entertain the thought of either... maybe.

    Good review!

  3. Your face after that first bite was priceless.

  4. Yeah. It's just not anything special. That paired up with my general distaste for Taco Bell's "beef" made this an unenjoyable experience.

  5. Hahah. I'm glad you like them Jim Bob McGee. Are they only available for a limited time? If so, you better get your fill before they vanish!

  6. It deeply saddens me to see the disappointment on your face.

  7. I am not a fan of Taco Smell and rarely eat there. And I agree these Doritos shells are not so good. They seem to get soft and soggy really quick. If you really want great food made with premium ingredients, you just about have to make it at home. Chipotle isn't made with premium ingredients, it's just premium garbage. Just another myth, like eating Subway will make you skinny.

    Not trying to make anyone angry. I don't think your a snob. I also like your blog and the work you put into. Keep eating and keep writing. Peace!