Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Nougat Crunch

The fine gents at FATGUYFOODBLOG.COM like nothing more then stumbling upon new flavors of Ben & Jerry's while visiting the supermarket. However a dilemma usually presents itself when one of us goes there solo, and there are two new flavors. That happened to me the other day when I found CHOCOLATE NOUGAT CRUNCH & CHOCOLATE THERAPY. You see, fat guys don't want to be seen buying multiple pints of ice cream at once, to keep the illusion that perhaps they aren't nearly as fat as they look. TWO PINTS?! Why the lady at the register would probably point and laugh.
Ridiculous, I know. But that's how it goes. I won't let myself get more than one. So I have to make the big choice. I fear this time I may have chosen wrong...
Seems interesting, right?
Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Fudge Covered Wafer Cookies & a Chocolate Nougat Swirl... I thought this sounded like a neat mixture, while the Chocolate Therapy was just a handful of chocolate items together that sounded like it might be a Chocolate Overload. So I went this route. First off, the ice cream itself, Sweet Cream Ice Cream, to be exact, is nothing special. It's....sweet. It's like generic ice cream. It's not even vanilla. It's just ice cream that is sweet.

Like the surface of an alien world...
Then there's the Fudge Covered Wafer Cookies. They are alright. A little nugget of wafer cookie surrounded in waxy chocolate to keep it from getting soggy. Sometimes this didn't work, and you find ones that obviously had sprung a leak and you bite in and it's squishy. It reminded me of the Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels in Chubby Hubby. Except that worked much better because the pretzels were salty to offset the sweetness of the ice cream. These? They are just sweet. And crispy. Except when they are squishy.

Peep that Nougat swirl. Like finding Gold in the Rockies. 
Then there's the Chocolate Nougat Swirl. There's lots of it. Huge, thick veins running through the pint. It's tasty, like nougat tends to be. Creamy and chocolate. You'll find yourself digging at these veins and following them to their end, while leaving the rest of the ice cream to melt.

It's not a bad ice cream, but it's not great. The Nougat Swirl is the best part and the Wafer chunks are okay. But it feels like they forgot something here. Just something the break up a bunch of sweet things combining to make a bigger sweet thing. There needs to be a different flavor to make things interesting.

Seeing that  I may have made a bad decision, I went back to the store a day later the grab the other pint and planned on doing a post with both flavors, but Chocolate Therapy was gone. It's shelf empty.
But there were still a few Chocolate Nougat Crunches left.
What's that tell you?
I give it a straight C.
Review by Rich.


  1. My friend, those two pint moments are exactly the reason self-checkout stands were invented.

  2. agreed that this is an average flavor, but have no fear, chocolate therapy will be worth the wait.

  3. teh-dirty-robot hahahaha good call! I will often use the self checkout when I buy a frozen pizza, bag of cheese, 2 bags of chips, ice cream along with toilet paper and heartburn pills. I feel the obvious story of my purchases should only be read by me.