Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles!

Well we finally got our mitts on some White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles. The last member of their holiday dessert trio. While the Cinnamon Sugar and Pumpkin Pie Spice didn't dazzle our brains, we still gave Pringles huge props for trying something so beyond their normal flavors. But from the moment we heard about these new flavors, these were the ones we wanted to try the most. The White Chocolate Peppermint had the biggest chance of either being completely awesome, or just plain disgusting. So? How were they?

Even the most elusive snacks can't escape us...
Well other people must have been thinking the same things and been as intrigued as we were, because these were nearly impossible to find. We had to enlist the help of faithful Fatguyfoodblog readers, girlfriends, and former Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Brian the Firebrand Fury to help us track them down. Once in our grasp, it wasn't long before we popped the top and passed that familiar tube around. And...well...they are strange. 

You can definitely taste the white chocolate and the peppermint flavor immediately. They are both there right from the start but neither is overpowering. Then the same thing that happened with the other flavors happens. You get the salt and that strong Pringles potato taste. 

Notice the fine dusting of flavor...

Just like with the other flavors, you definitely can taste what they are supposed to taste like, but the salt and potato taste just make it all around weird. This being the strangest flavor combination, it wins the award for WEIRDEST of the three. Pretty much everyone who tried them around us didn't hate them, but after one or two, popped the cap back on the tube and walked away. These are great to experience, but not for extended snacking. 
We at Fatguyfoodblog would once again like to applaud Pringles for their willingness to try new crazy flavors, despite these three not being amazing, and hope they continue to blaze trails in to future of snack flavoring. 

I give these a B-. Interesting and strange, but not something you want to keep eating. 

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  1. Puzzles me that the site back drop is of bacon, yet you seem to eat like a woman who is preggers. Men should eat meat imo