Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keebler Filled Pretzel Bites

When you live in a tree baking cookies all day, you're bound to come up with some other tasty little bite sized morsels for men, women, and children alike.  Let's dive in and let you, the fashion forward, well kept, suave young go getter of a reader you are, decide whether or not these new snacks are for you!

Irwin seems unimpressed with the size of the bag, and how much his rug needs to be vacuumed
 First let me start off by telling you, at the store there was another option, Peanut Butter & Fudge. I opted for the white fudge to see if these do something slightly unexpected of them. Mike has a box of the regular fudge option. Be sure to check the comments for what he thinks of those.

As the box states, it comes with 5 little pouches, and within each one, rests 7 of these little fudgy crunchy morsels!

The milky "Bishop Blood" coating of white fudge on the outside was slightly disappointing. I was expecting these to be rock solid with fudge!

First bite into these and they tasted exactly how you would expect them to. The white fudge isn't as sweet as what I think a typical fudge would be, and adds a slightly creamy chocolate alongside the creamy peanut butter, surrounded by a distinct thin pretzel crunch. I tore through my little bag of them fairly quickly, but for the average joe who isn't always devouring one sweet or the other, these are a nice top off to a bag lunch or quick snack while you look at the latest news coming out of the Justin Beiber weed scandal.

Overall I'd score these Keebler Filled Pretzel Bites: Peanut Butter
& White Fudge snacks a
It doesn't rewrite the PB filled pretzel 
snack game, nor does it really innovate.
It's just good. 

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