Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Burger King's New Chicken Nuggets, Cheesy Tots, and Molten Fudge Bites!

Man, I love when fast food places put out a bunch of new stuff and I get to use the "I need something for the blog" excuse to go get everything. Not that I need that excuse- after all, I think it's been so long since I've had a vegetable that my brain doesn't even understand what they are. But this time was special, since I never go to Burger King.

We have a constant war here at Fatguyfoodblog. I say that the only reason I go to Burger King is to get their chicken tendercrisp sandwich, which is probably my favorite fast food chicken sandwich. Then Rich says he loves Burger King since they have the best fries. Then I lose my mind and freak out about how they used to be different and good, but now they're just giant and boring, and what the hell are you talking about, Wendy's clearly has the best fries. This goes on for awhile, and it doesn't appear that it will ever end.

So basically, I don't go to Burger King that often. I was interested in trying their new chicken nuggets, but let's face it- I assumed they would suck, since, frankly, Burger King chicken nuggets have always sucked. I don't know how they've never figured out how to make good nuggets, but I can't remember them ever being good. That, folks, just changed.

They pretty much just stole good ole Ronald McDonald's recipe, but somehow made the connection between the chicken and the good part better. McDonald's nuggets, as solid as they are, often end up being blah chicken floating around in the crunch shell. These have a weird softness instead, connecting the two. It concerned me at first since I wondered if I was eating nuggets that hadn't been cooked enough, but I learned to love it and just assumed that they were actually cooked perfectly- that the softness was just the missing link between chicken and crunch that McDonald's struggles with so much. Are these better than McDonald's? Maybe... I haven't decided yet. 

I tried them with ranch, BBQ, jalapeno BBQ (odd- basically a very peppery BBQ), and Zesty, which was like spicy thousand island. The best combo, not surprisingly, was ranch and BBQ together. 

I give these bad boys an A- great chicken, great crunch and flavor, and a nice greasy softness that Mcdonald's lacks. The only real downside is that for now, they're only available in 10 or 20 piece portions. I know I'm a blob, but I like to treat chicken nuggets as a side order or a quick snack on the road. Hey BK, give us a 5 piece on the dollar menu, and we're gonna be friends. 

Who wouldn't want to be friends with this guy!?

I also tried their new cheesy tots!

These are also in larger quantities than I would expect, but were pretty awesome. They could be cheesier, but the potato is good and the crunch outside makes them exquisite. The only fast food place I'm familiar with that has cheesy tots is Sonic, and let's face it- they aren't very good. They're just basic tots with a plastic like sheen over them that we're supposed to believe is cheese. Of course I still get them every time I'm at sonic, but maybe I won't anymore, as these are way better. Dipped in ranch, they're pretty special. Gotta give these an B+. They would have gotten an A if they had been cheesier, but all in all, they're a great new addition to the King's menu.

I wish these were oozing with cheese, but I'll take it.

Lastly, for dessert, I tried their new Molten Fudge Bites. They also have a sundae with these on it, but at the time I figured I had enough food and wanted to see what these were like on their own before I drowned them in ice cream and the 2 inches of sauce BK is known for putting on their sundaes. 

In hindsight, I screwed up- I should have gotten the ice cream. These were a "oh wow..." snack at first, but the more I ate them, the less good they got. They're basically crispy donut holes filled with chocolate, which on first impression was glorious. But as I ate more, the chocolatey goodness inside that looked like frosting and tasted like pudding slowly seemed more like uncooked dough than anything. They're crispy, the sugar on the outside rules (there should be more), but the chocolate just isn't that good, and the gooeyness of it gets kind of gross after awhile. 

They're not terrible, and I may have screwed up by not eating them immediately (I feel like they're better when they're fresh)- they're just not what I was looking for. Close, but not quite a hit. I'll give them a C

Keep the new stuff coming BK!

-review by Mike


  1. So glad you reviewed these. The chicken looks exactly like McDonald's! Personally, I like that I would be forced to buy a 10 pack. Fried, process, pressed chicken dipped in sauce? Yes please.

  2. BK nuggets have always been good, I prefered the old ones. The Tots and Brownies i really liked.

    BK has always had a 4 piece nugget for a buck too..

    1. I've never known anyone who really cared about BK nuggets. Sorry that you don't like the new ones as much, I think they're a billion times better!

  3. I am lovin the new nuggets. Toss them in the roasted jalaprno bbq sauce and its epic eat right there!!!

  4. The nuggets are what McDonald's used to be before the last time they changed them to include "real" chicken. Thought the chocolate bits were too crispy and had too much preferred sugar, but I've never been much for cake donuts.