Friday, February 15, 2013


it says new, it doesn't look new
Imagine my fat guy surprise when I strolled into the store and saw a variation, on what is probably a staple of every man, woman, and child ages 3-28. Mac and Cheese usually only varies in as much as what kind of cheese, powder, squeeze, shells, elbows, and instantness....if that's even a word. (a quick google search and it is, suck an egg) There were 2 other options, I think one was regular, the second was "pizza", and then the one that I settled on, grilled cheese.

I'm not exactly sure what constitutes as a "naturally flavored" mac and cheese variant, but I don't care. Let's see how she feels in my mouth!

standard mac and cheese prep
not looking too promising
I judged too early, looks pretty damn tasty
Hey remember the time when a box of Mac and Cheese could feed two people? Or eating a whole box of Mac and Cheese made you a pig? Either Betty Crocker skimped out on us or we're just behemoths of men who see puny boxes of food, and dump them into our mouths without care of what it actually was. A box of BC Mac and Cheese is a single serving event.

Eating this stuff, during the first few bites my hair was blown back on how much this tasted like a grilled cheese sandwich. Each bite was cheesy, thick, and absolutely great. As the bowl wore on, the grilled cheese flavor disappeared, and I was left with half a bowl of just regular Mac and Cheese. I should call up Ms. Crocker on the phone and tell her to ditch the "Natural Flavor" and go with some chemical that has staying power. Overall this was way better than I expected.

It took a total of 15 minutes to prep, which might be a downside for some, but it's hard for me to settle into an instant version of mac and cheese because it's never quite as good. It wasn't overly cheesy to make you sick, and wasn't so weak that you threw the bowl into the street screaming "TRAITOR". The only real downside to this was when you were biting into it and tasting a grilled cheese sandwich, you wanted the familiar crunch of the butter soaked, grilled bread to go along side of it. I think if I pick one of these up again, I'll definitely put some toast or something on the side to see if that completes the meal.

I'll give the Betty Crockers: Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Edition a 


  1. Sounds like it could use a breadcrumb crust to get the full grilled cheese effect.

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  3. nick! it absolutely does. that's a great suggestion

  4. I have a box of the "grilled cheese" style in my cabinet waiting to be devoured ... I now feel better about trying it out ... looks and sounds good! Thanks for the review