Friday, February 22, 2013

Will You Jump For Jumpin' Jack Doritos?!

Much like Doritos did last year with their winter limited edition release of Sour Cream & Onion and Salsa Rio chips, they resurrected another fallen soldier from the catacombs this year. They brought back Sour Cream & Onion too, but these Jumpin' Jack chips were the new hotness I had to have. 

I had heard about these for a month before a friend informed me that apparently Shaws of all places was the only store to stock them. I went on the hunt and found probably the last 3 bags in existence for a possibly too late but still absolutely necessary review. 

If I remember correctly, there was a brief release of a pepper jack Dorito like 8 years ago that I wasn't too psyched about. Would these be better?

At first, these ruled, and reminded me a lot of the insanely good, why-the-hell-doesn't-Doritos-release-these-every-year Stadium Nacho. They had a strong spicey cheese flavor that was very similar to the nacho-cheese-on-chips flavor Stadium Nacho mimicked. But there was a little kick at the end that concerned me. 

That was the pepper. 

And there's lots of it. 

SO, if you like jack cheese, you'll love these... for a few minutes. Then, if you're anything like me and only like a hint of pepper on food, you will find these to be painful. They are just TOO peppery. There are black pepper chips out there, so clearly there is a market for people who love the awkward tongue sting of too much pepper, but that market isn't me. We tackled each other over stadium nacho, but I didn't find myself jumping in joy to these Jumpin' Jack Doritos. 

Bottom Line: These are quite good for probably a serving size of chips: a different flavor of cheese, a nice tang, and a little kick at the end. But over time, ole Jumpin' Jack clearly fell into a vat of black pepper, and that pepper flavor completely takes over any other flavor on these chips. And then they just become a recipe for a hurt, thirsty mouth. I liked them in the beginning, and hated them in the end. I guess that means they get a C, but I'm dropping them down to a D+

Give me Stadium Nacho. Give me BBQ. Don't waste my time with pepper!

-review by Mike


  1. I'm a spice wimp too, but I found that if you mound these up with some shredded cheddar jack cheese and microwave 'em, it's a nice little nacho. The cheese mellows the heat nicely. You'll thank me later.

  2. Whoa. That sounds awesome. Has anyone ever told you that you just might be a genius?

  3. Well, my name Is NACHOS4Children for a reason... :-P