Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop: 4 Way Dance

Chances are if you're glancing towards the cookie aisle, these bright red packages shined in your eyes harder than Rudolph's lighted nose does in a truckers tired eyes on a blustery Christmas eve blizzard. If you didn't swerve your cart into the aisle wall, good. You're already better off than your cookie seeking compatriots.
 After years and years of what seems like the same old cookie being peddled by the cookie king, Pepperidge Farms decided to try out something crazy and bring us more than a handful of new cookie flavors. I know there's a few more, but I felt fat enough grabbing 4 of these off of a shelf. So let's dig in and see what this so called "Dessert Shop" has to offer!

First up to be sacrificed to my mouth god is:
Strawberry Cheesecake
So when you open the bag, a huge strawberry aroma bloom fills your nostrils and you nod to yourself "these are going to be delicious", and you'd be right, if there was more of strawberry flavor. The cookie is extremely moist and breaks into your mouth without a fight. There's an odd flavor in the background, which I'm assuming is cheesecake, but the strawberry is faint enough to deliver a pleasant, and not overpowering strawberry smoothness. The cookie is all around just good, not great, not living up to the scent promise it made to you moments ago, but pretty damn tasty. I just wished they dialed the strawberry flavor to 7 instead of 4.

Carrot Cake
I should have let Mike review the Carrot Cake cookie. He's a much bigger CC fan than I am and may have been more excited for this offering. What I find amusing about this cookie, is that I can't place any distinct flavor within it. Yeah, I kind of get Carrot Cake, but I'm also not very sure. It's moist like the Strawberry Cheesecake one, but delivers an odd spice behind it, which I know I've tasted in Carrot Cake, but just because there's that spice that resembles carrot cake, doesn't mean the whole cookie does. There's also some weird texture going on inside of this. I think the word "odd" covers this cookie. Again, not bad, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm tasting.

size reference

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

I think the review for this cookie is exactly the same as my Strawberry Cheesecake one, but supplant strawberry with chocolate, and we've got a cookie review. I think the only real complaint with this is how few of these chocolate chunks we get. It tastes good, but too many times am I sitting there with no chocolate flavor. There's a reason they didn't make just Cheesecake cookies.

And the last devoured cookie soul shall be:
Caramel Apple Pie
THIS. Now, THIS, is the shining star of our little 4 way dance. If this was a Money In The Bank match, you'd see Caramel Apple Pie walking around the airport with the WWE briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. When you bite into these, the moistest of the bunch, you feel like you're biting into homemade apple pie cookies. The apple is strong and permeated the entire cookie, even after you've chewed a little on the apple bits, that are most likely not real apples, but tastes like it had just bounced off of Newtons head and into this cookie. The caramel takes a back seat, which I thought was an odd choice, but totally works with how this flavor combination comes together. Soft, Decadent, flavorful, and amazingly sweet. Bravo PF, you may have created an almost perfect cookie, and managed to achieve it with NO CHOCOLATE OR PEANUT BUTTER WTF!!!!

Overall I'd say these cookies are ok. Nothing to bring home to a family gathering, nothing to fill up the snack trays at a lavish country wedding, nothing to bring to nibble on after your grandfathers funeral. Just a cookie to try, see if you dig, and move on. I'd give these cookies from Pepperidge Farms a C with the exception of our star student, Caramel Apple Pie, who moves to the head of the class with an A+. Those are the cookies you throw in the air at a graduation, the kind you toss as the bride and groom exit a wedding, the kind you wrap up for your blind trucker husband to open and enjoy on a cold, freshly snowed Christmas Morn.


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