Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gingerbread Double-review! Gingerbread M&M's & Gingerbread Twix!

The very instant Halloween is over, every big department store in America rolls out their holiday displays. Christmas music begins being played in stores, giant boxes full of tubes of wrapping paper get placed in your way in the aisles, and you know that for the next two months you will get bombarded with Christmas stuff whether you like it or not. One true upside to all of this commercialization of the holidays is that you can bet your ass all the major snack and candy companies are going to roll out some limited edition flavors of your favorite treats. Well I braved the seasonal snack aisle at our local Walmart and found the first sugar filled offerings of this kind for the 2013 holiday season. Up first... Gingerbread M&M's! 

In case you forgot what gingerbread was, Ol' Red here has you covered...
Gotta say, I love the art on the bag. Red holding a plate with a gingerbread man on it? GOLD. But M&M's have never needed any help in the packaging department. The big question is, DO THEY TASTE LIKE GINGERBREAD??? The answer might surprise you. They do.

They taste like a strange chocolate version of gingerbread. It's definitely a more subtle flavor. The chocolate and candy shell dominate it but then your taste buds catch up and you say, "OH, yeah there it is. That's definitely Gingerbread!" Are they going to blow your mind? Probably not, but I definitely enjoyed them more than the Pumpkin Spice M&M's we reviewed back in October.

 They chose a strange color scheme for them. I get the Red and Green, for Christmas, but brown? Is that supposed to be for the gingerbread? Ehhhhhh....maybe? But in the end, who really cares about color. Would you care if they were hot pink? Wait. Yeah I think I might. There goes my logic right out the door.

I'd give these a B-, they were enjoyable, they tasted like what they were supposed to taste like, and I never really got sick of them. Would I buy them over Peanut Butter M&M's? Hell no. Those are the greatest ever. But for your candy dish as the holidays creep closer, these will delight your guests sweet tooth at every turn.
Unless they hate gingerbread.

Thanks Red Skull, I'll take it from here...

We had heard that regular sized versions of these existed out in the world but we were only able to find the giant bag of tiny, individually wrapped bars. Which actually made reviewing them easier. You could keep going back to try them to refresh your memory. Which is just the fat guy excuse for wanting to eat an entire bag of candy bars. Makes sense right? Did they taste like Gingerbread? Yep they did.

HOWEVER, I feel like the first bite you take of one of these, you get a weird blast of dry cracker tasting gingerbread and you kind of start thinking that you don't like them. But as you start chewing them, and the chocolate and caramel mix together with the gingerbread cookie, it somehow amplifies the gingerbread taste to where you end up nodding in approval as you're finishing it off. Bottom line? Good stuff.
I'd give these a B. If they didn't start out a little weird, the rating might be higher.

Keep in mind, if you don't like gingerbread, stay the hell away from both of these. But if you've been known to chase down a gingerbread man here and there during the holidays, scoop up both of these limited edition candies!

Review by Rich!

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  1. I wish we over in England got the amount of festive offerings you guys get, we've only just aquired crispy m&m's

    1. wow, that sucks! You guys get some crazy crazy chips though...

    2. What?! We haven't had Crispy M&Ms in YEARS! I miss them, they were the best.

  2. The cookie isn't gingerbread, the caramel is. It's the same cookie in regular Twix.