Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taco Bell: Triple Steak Stack

The past week I've been hearing nonstop commercials on the radio, and seeing countless ads on television telling me the urgency of running south of the border and to "live mas" with Taco Bell's new Triple Steak Stack. I ran out to give it a go and waded neck deep in the Rio Grande to jam this new offering into my salivating mouth hole.
triple the steak!?!
I walked into my local Taco Bell and upon ordering, was asked by one of the employees, "Man, Have you had this yet?" My reply was no, and then he proceeded to tell me how awesome it was, and how I needed to dip it into sour cream. A man after my own heart it seems, because I too enjoy dipping almost anything into sour cream. The employee hooked me up with a small container of sour cream and off I went to try this out.

Looking at this thing at this distance, I wasn't overly impressed. But what do I expect for $4.99?

Upon lifting up the Bolio flatbread (which i'm pretty sure means "warm, thick old lady labia") to unearth what was inside, I was taken aback by the amount of cheese on this thing!

After I bit into this, I was pleasantly surprised. The amount of cheese, the thick veins of meat, all on this warm, floppy flatbread was a pleasant change from the normal fast food servings which typically use fillers to take our mind away from what we really want. The meat, however it is prepared, does have an overly processed steak taste, one that has kind of this hint of mushrooms, but for no real reason.

sour cream didn't really add to this, and I suspect it's Taco Bells flavorless version of sour cream to be the culprit.

 So basically, this is just Taco Bells version of a steak and cheese sub. I think the mistake they are making with it, even though it does have the "no bullshit" appeal of just being steak and cheese, is that there should be SOMETHING else to this. It's a filling sandwich, and tastes pretty damn good if you stop about 3/4's in. I struggled at the end because of that fake meat flavor I mentioned earlier. I'm pretty sure they could mask that weirdness with a little added something, and maybe get out of the mediocrity of just being steak and cheese. Sure, it's ok, but I can get an INSANELY good steak and cheese for about $7 at my local pizza joint.

the battered and bruised Colonel reluctantly took a bite, and quietly whispered to me "Why am I here?"
Then broke down and sobbed.

After I finished up the flatbread, I was gathering my things to head on home and one of the other workers there came over to me and asked how I enjoyed it. I told him the only real problem I had with it, and he agreed. He told me that Taco Bell shipped them a new kind of meat for this, and he thinks it's a little substandard to what he's used to. So, my review was affirmed, and even though I did have some issues with the sandwich, I didn't hate it. It sits currently in the middle for me. If someone was like "hey Josh I got you the new TB Trip Steak Stack, you want it" I'd say "sure", but I wouldn't saw anybody's head off for it like you see along the US/Mexico border. I guess the US just does Mexican food better it causes all this senseless violence.

I give the Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack a 
It isn't good, it isn't bad, it just is. 

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  1. Wha... What is Colonel Sanders doing at Taco Bell? And why the sad face Colonel? Did the employees warn you not to feed him?

    I love the picture in the poster versus the real deal. I love truth in advertising. :)

    At Walgreen's, I noticed that Oberto ( has BACON Jerky. On their website they also mention BBQ Pork Jerky. I think you should have a Jerky tasting party. Just don't call it a Jerk Off. Could be bad.

  2. Your blog is the money, huge fan of all of your reviews! i thought this sandwich was a sloppy mushy mess and the "steak" was grade D at best. You hear "triple steak" but you forget how loose the term for steak really is. Keep up the good work!

  3. "warm thick old lady labia" that is amazing.