Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Boston Burger Company

For months now we've been trying to make an excuse to head down to Boston to try out the Boston Burger Company. One of our faithful FGFB readers told us about them and once we took a look at the menu we knew that it was only a matter of time. Well a couple days before the new year we found ourselves heading down that way for the annual Hometown Throwdown, and decided we'd have dinner at one of the most talked about burger spots in all the wild Northeast. 
And sweet Mary, mother of God was it awesome. 
Feast your eyes on the Fatguyfoodblog review of...


The menu blew my mind. I wanted to try ten different burgers, but I had to narrow it down to one, so I looked for the most ridiculous, over the top burger on the menu, and that was clearly the one called THE 420 Burger. Yes, you see, this burger is one that stoners love, because it's a combination of a ton of their menu items, all in one place. Before I tell you what was in it, why don't you feast your eyes on it...

This thing is something out of a fat guys dream. 
I know what you're probably thinking, "Hey Rich, that's clearly photoshopped, no burger could be that big and yet still look so damn beautiful." I know. I thought the same thing, but I saw it with my own eyes. I held this beast in my own two hands, gently, as if it was a new born babe. I studied it from every side. Smelled it. Even brushed the bun against my cheek like it was a fine piece of silk. I did all this before even taking a single bite. But when I did, it was like a nuclear bomb went off in my brain. 

The 420 Burger is a slab of flawless Angus Beef, American Cheese, and Bacon. Then it gets crazy. They toss on mozzarella sticks, french fries, onion rings, mac & cheese bites, and then drench the entire thing in a golden bbq sauce. Go ahead and read those ingredients again, I'll wait....YEAH. It's that insane. The burger itself was a thing of beauty. The epitome of what a burger patty should be. The bacon was thick and crispy, the American cheese, plentiful. The weird stuff was where it really shined, it seemed like every different part of it added some great new flavor or texture.  The mozzarella sticks added a blast of cheese and crispiness from the breading. The onion rings, a quick onion flavored punch and more crispiness, and then the mac and cheese bites. They were the secret weapon. I was already freaking out with every bite I took, but when I hit one of these I full on put the burger down, closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Also I suddenly wished I had gotten an order of them. Such an intense, cheesy flavor. Even Chester Cheetah would have finally hit his cheese limit and been happy for once in his life.

A beautiful mess. 

The only downside to this burger was the fries, which actually ended up being more like potato wedges. There were all these great flavors and textures hitting my taste buds left and right and then I suddenly hit a chunk of bland potato. It only happened once or twice, and believe me, it didn't stop me for more than a second. 
Also have to remark on the bbq sauce used here. They call it a golden bbq sauce, but I'll tell you what it was, straight up, the same sauce that is on the Gold Fever Wings at the 99. Which, is pretty much the best sauce known to man. If you haven't had Gold Fever Wings, go get yourself an extra large order, with cheese melted over them. Josh invented that. BUT THE SAUCE. They drench the burger in it and it adds a great sweetness that battles against the cheese, meat, and breading flavors like an army of orcs heading for the walls of Helms Deep. But in the end they all work in harmony, and create one of the best, and most interesting burger experiences I've ever had. 

Also had a chance to try a chunk of the Vermonster when one of our pals proved too much of a wimp to finish his. I don't blame him, you see, the Boston Burger Company doesn't make wimpy little burgers that are easy to finish. This was one of the other crazy burgers on the menu, it boasted Maple mayo, sharp cheddar cheese, caramelized Granny Smith apples, red onions, maple syrup and bacon. Since I only had a couple bites I'll keep this short. It was delicious. Felt like a burger I could eat for breakfast any day of the week. If I wanted to be completely stuffed at 9am. For fans of sweet and salty treats, this burger was excellent. However, if you aren't a fan of Maple Syrup, stay away from this one. 

In the end I'd have to say I give Boston Burger Company a solid A. My little nit pick about the fries on the 420 burger was just me trying to say something negative. I was not only pleasantly surprised but blown away by how good everything was. We had heard the legend of this place long before making the long journey there, and I'm happy to say, it lived up to the hype. 

Just looking back at these pictures makes me jealous of Rich's 420 Burger. There were so many on the menu that I wanted to dive headfirst into like an Olympic swimmer, but I had to pick one, and why not grab ahold of my own mortality, along with my nearest friend that's a paramedic, and hit the Artery Clogger.

This absolutely stunning specimen seemed simple enough, a deep fried beer battered burger patties topped with bacon, bbq sauce, and classic god-fearing all American cheese. The best part about this absolute beast is that it doesn't rely on gimmicks as much as much of the other burgs. This hard working blue-collar burger tells your sissy other friends that you don't like none of that fancy foreign horseshit on your burger, to put some motherf***in' beer on this motherf***in sandwich, and let's kick some ass. 

Everything about this Red White and Blue hero was absolutely stellar. The beer battered burger, which you figure would pour grease down your new Hold Steady tee, still maintained it's juiciness without making you feel like you're drinking a gallon of hot grease. The way that all these classic burger elements melded into one hefty flavor bomb of BBQ, meat, and cheese, sold me hard on this thing. The Burger was greasy and cheesy enough to swirl the BBQ sauce around in your mouth, and the beer batter gave it a slight crisp (which didn't last long) that gave you enough texture to keep you happy.


The only problem I had with the BBC, had nothing to do with the burger, but rather their attempt to not be typical and class up the place by giving you homemade chips and coleslaw as the complimentary side dishes to the burgers. As good as the coleslaw was, I mean, come on, chips? would Mike Rowe want chips with his burger? Would George Washington or Abraham Lincoln grab ahold of one of these burger perfections, look down at their plate, and be like "damn, I'm so happy I have chips and slaw!"
Nope. Wars have been fought over lesser atrocities.
I'm sure you can substitute it, I was so food anticipatory drunk that I didn't even think of it at the time.  I did however, get my man mitts on those Buffalo Cheese Fries which ended up being nothing short of incredible. If you're into the hotter end of Buffalo Sauce, you'll love these, but cool enough to be enjoyed by even weaker, non-muscle men...I'm assuming.

Overall I give Boston Burger Company an A. My experience with them is still fresh, and I've yet to even tackle another one of the 14 other burgers that I'd love to swim inside and come up for air and sing that song that Ariel did when she got her voice back, but you can bet your ass, I'll be back.


So there you have it. Both of us gave the Boston Burger Company an A. That translates into "YOU SHOULD GO THERE RIGHT NOW AND GET A DAMN BURGER!" Want to check out the rest of their insane menu? Here you go: . Plan a visit there as soon as humanly possible! 

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  1. I can feel my arteries closing. God I want to try the 420 burger.

  2. You do realize what the slang term "BBC" means, right? Look it up on urban dictionary. I was like, "What?"

    1. British Broadcasting Corporation?

    2. BBC is British Broadcasting Corporation in polite company. It has a definition referring to the male appendage size of certain races & ethnicities...if you know what I mean.

      Maybe the orgasmic quality of the the burger offerings added a different context for some readers.

    3. hahaha yea we know. Korn had a great song called BBK where it was Kock instead of cock.

  3. I had the Vermonster, and it was FAN-F'N-TASTIC! I'd be afraid to try something else and be let down that's where this burger set the bar. I was pleased w/ the side of chips, they were homemade and tasted great, if they were a store bought chip then I would bitch. Can't wait to go back

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  5. New Ben and Jerry core ice cream! You guys have to review this!!

    1. We finally found them all. Review being worked on AS WE SPEAK