Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kettle brand Maple Bacon potato chips!

With all the new chip flavors firing off over the last few years with Ruffles and Lays trying out tons of limited editions, you'd think that they would have exhausted flavor options long ago. But somehow the wizards they have coming up with new ideas never run out. But I'm surprised it took a chip company this long to come up with a Maple Bacon flavored chip, and I'm even more surprised that it came from Kettle before one of the bigger, more widely known chip companies. But when I spotted these in the store, I'm pretty sure I yelled out, "NO WAY!" and snatched a bag from the rack with break neck speed.
Now it looks like these have been available in different areas of the country at various times during the last year, but all the info I could find said that those were just soft releases and that they are only now being shipped out nationwide. So it looks like they could be in your local grocery store right now, at this very moment. So should you run out and grab a bag?
Let's find out...
This doesn't seem real!

First off, if you haven't ever bought a bag of Kettle brand chips, and you score a bag of these, I'll let you in on a little secret, You're going to need a samurai sword, or a damn chainsaw to get the bag open. I'm pretty sure Sylvester Stallone in his prime wouldn't have been able to get into a bag of these without a cutting instrument. Granted, there is a little cut in the top of the bag that you're supposed to use to get into it, but I've found if you use that, it usually tears just a tiny corner of the bag off. Then you have to try to pry it open enough to get any chips out, which ends up ripping the bag so badly that there's very little chance that you can close them up and go back to them. It feels like a booby trap.

"I'm this bag of chips worst nightmare." 
But once you crack into it, you're hit with an immediate smokey bacon scent. Interesting. The chips immediately remind me of the greatest chips of all time, before I even try one. Similar color, smell, and they also seem to have the similar grains of flavor where you aren't sure if it's salt of sugar. But how did they taste? DAMN GOOD. They are a very interesting version of the sweet and salty snack. You can taste the bacon pretty clearly and there's a great maple sweetness to them. After killing a whole bag of these chips, I can easily say that I never got sick of them for a second.

I would say if you track these chips down in the wild, buy them up. Not just one bag. Two or three. A great sweet and salty, maple bacon flavor that Kettle seems to have nailed quite well. Hopefully these will end up in their regular roster, but being a strange flavor, I won't hold my breath. There are too many dweebs out there who don't like to try new things, so flavors like this usually go away after a bit.

I give the Kettle Brand Maple Bacon potato chips a solid A!
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Review by Rich


  1. The bags are pre-torn. There's a tear at the top of the bag near one of the corners. Rip that downwards and it will open up one of the corners. Easy!

    1. Thanks for reminding me! There was a whole part I meant to write about that, so I updated the post! I haven't had much luck with that little tear either! haha. Ah well. Great chips either way!

  2. I usually get the Salt and Vinegar, love them but never saw this flavor before. Where did you find them? I also have a horrible time with the corner you rip open, the chips get stuck and won't come out >.<