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Fruit Punch AND Berry Oreos!

Since it's been about 8 minutes since those lunatics at Nabisco put out a new flavor of Oreos, it's time for another Oreo review! FATGUYOREOBLOG.

This time, it's Fruit Punch and Berry Oreos. First up, how about a nice um... fruit... punch?!

that was a Hawaiian Punch reference

So while we're all excited to try new Oreo flavors, I can't say any of us were too pumped about these when we found out about them. I love fruit punch just as much as the next guy- probably more- but do I want that flavor in a cookie? Probably not. 

Opening up the cookie revealed a florescent pink filling that smelled quite strongly of fruit punch.  

And that was for good reason. These taste exactly like fruit punch, mixed with the vanilla goodness of Golden Oreos. This makes for essentially a fruit punch-flavored sherbet cookie. Right when I put one in my mouth, it's fantastic, because the vanilla of the cookie tones down the filling a lot and makes for a nice fruit-vanilla sherbet combo. But as I started chewing, the power of the filling took over and it lost some of its appeal. The filling in these is quite strong- I wouldn't recommend eating this the eat-one-cookie-then-eat-all-the-frosting way unless you REALLY love fruit punch. It's so sweet and tangy, it almost stings. 

But after initially not really feeling like I was a fan of these, I ate more and I see the appeal now. No other cookie tastes like this, and as long as you're eating them the right way and love fruit punch, they're pretty good. Do I like these enough that I'm gonna cry when Oreo discontinues these before I even see them in the store again? No. Would I buy these from time to time if they stayed on the shelves? Probably not. But they're still pretty damn solid and Oreo deserves a high five for getting another flavor perfectly right. 

To truly test these though, I decided that if you dip a normal Oreo in milk, then what would you dip a Fruit Punch Oreo in? 

Fruit punch, obviously.

I went to 2 stores before I found Hawaiian punch, thinking these were Hawaiian Punch Oreos the whole time. Oops. 

Look at the punch avoid the cookie like oil from a fresh oil spill:

I left it in WAY too long.

This first attempt was a liquid cookie by the end of it. I tried again, and it surprisingly wasn't disgusting. The filling is so strong, I almost didn't notice the extra punch. It was just... wet. And easier to eat fast I guess.

But yea, don't do this. It's not worth it. They're better on their own. 

So to recap- Oreo got it right, but I'm not sure anyone was requesting this flavor. If you're a huge fruit punch fan, you have to try these. Otherwise, skip these and get some Marshmallow Crispy Oreos instead. These will be too strong for you. I'm gonna give these a C+. They're good, but not "Damn you for making these limited edition" good. 

Next up, Rich gets his grubby mitts on a package of...


After the initial excitement about finding a new flavor of Oreo I found myself pausing for a moment and realizing that these weren't called "Strawberry" or "Blueberry" Oreos. They are just... Berry. From looking at the package I'd have to guess they are talking about a combination of Strawberry and Raspberry, right? But it's weird that they didn't say it. Perhaps, Mixed Berry Oreos? I just feel kind of like Oreo isn't being honest with me about this. But, hell, they've never steered me wrong before, so let's dive in!

same old classic Oreo on the outside

Berry Oreos have a great fruity aroma when you crack the bag open. I'm usually not a huge fan of fruit flavoring in my Oreos, but I was coming into these with an open mind. I quickly dealt them out to the other guys around me, like a Vegas Blackjack card slinger, and bit one in half before closing that weird sticky film cookie package. Now, I'll tell you what, I tried the Fruit Punch Oreos right before I tried these. I thought they were way too strong. These? These are subtle at first. A nice faint fruit flavor, but then as you chew them up, all of a sudden you'll be hit with a tart berry burst. Almost like it was a time released flavor. It wasn't a fluke, I tried it with an entire row of these. Same deal every time.

Old bubblegum-colored frosting on the inside

Berry Oreos were quite good. The classic Oreo kinda-chocolate cookie goes really well with the sweet, tart berry flavors in the cream. These cookies aren't the greatest Oreos of all time and I'm sure we'll only have them on the shelves for a limited life span, but I would definitely recommend taking a break from your usual snack cookie to give these a try. This really did just make me realize that I hope someone at Oreo reads this blog because you know what? Here's the second time on Fatguyfoodblog where I'm calling for A PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY OREO! For the love of all that is holy, make this happen, Nabisco! You make Peanut butter Oreos and you can clearly do a sweet fruit flavor Oreo. COMBINE THEM AND WIN! Win what? Everything. Every other cookie company might as well shut their damn doors after those come out. There might be six people on Earth who would eat a different cookie, just to pretend they like something other than everyone else. But they would be liars. Because EVERYONE WOULD LOVE THEM.
Hear my plea, Nabisco... hear it well. Make the Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreo... and they will come. 

Anyway, I give Berry Oreos a solid B+

Back to Mike- I agree completely with Rich on his review. The Berry Oreos won't get the press the Fruit Punch ones get, but they're the better cookie. They reminded me of those delicious raspberry or strawberry filled chocolates you only seem to get around Christmas, but a combination of both. In the interest of science, I decided to change their clothes- put the filling from Fruit Punch in a chocolate Oreo and the Berry filling in a Golden Oreo. 

Results were mixed. The chocolate fruit punch was just weird. The chocolate overpowered some of the Fruit Punch strength, but the flavors didn't really combine right. It was just confusing in my mouth. The Berry filling in a Golden Oreo worked perfectly though. I may have liked it more than with chocolate to be honest, but the Berry frosting was thick and impossible to scrape off the cookie, so I doubt I'll really put myself through the work of it again. Feel free to give it a try though, it's awesome. 

-Review by Mike and Rich

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