Friday, September 12, 2014

Get ready to get BLASTED! Rice Krispies new treat bars!

Fall is coming, and do you know what that means? SNACK SEASON IS UPON US! The stretch of time just as summer ends and a tinge of cold starts to seep into your windows at night, causing you to walk around in a hoodie and shorts, and say, "Man, I am Hungry." During this glorious season that spans half a year, let us turn our gaze unto what has become a household name in the snacking community, the Rice Krispies Treat. A staple to old and young, it's about time these treats got an upgrade. Let's see if we truly get BLASTED!

The first contender in the RKT: BLASTED line is Chocolatey Chip Marshmallow.

 I peeled back the thin shiny wrapper to reveal a tiny Rice Krispies Treat, with a few of these colored bits sprinkled on top. My first reaction was shock with how incredibly small they are.

gold dollar for size reference. YIKES these are small
Then my second reaction was awe, me wondering if the little bits of chocolate and marshmallow were throughout the whole bar.

and of course....
As if on cue, I looked down, and there wasn't anything anywhere else within this. Basically the Rice Krispies Treat wasn't BLASTED at all. You'd be hard pressed to even taste the chocolate or marshmallow when eating this. Overall, it tasted like just a regular, plain, non-intense, Rice Krispies Treat.

So we moved on to the next in line, the Double Chocolatey Chunk. Opening this package gave me a lot more hope than my previous dive into BLASTED territory.

It looks like someone came here to party! Double Chocolatey Chunk was BLASTED and ready to rock! Sadly, the exterior told a completely different story than the interior. While I was eating this bar, this incredibly small bar, all I could taste was that gross bakers chocolate that you tasted one time when no one was around, because you thought chocolate was chocolate. The powdery weirdness of it, mixed with a little odd tasting Rice Krispies Treat made this decent, but I won't ever buy these again.

So after strike two, I pretty much knew that there was no way this next one could be good at all. Very often do S'mores flavored snacks ever live up to what you want them to.

But guess what? This time, it absolutely does. The S'mores does indeed visually suffer from the lack of chocolate and graham cracker mix throughout the bar, but maybe I've been thinking about this wrong the whole time? They aren't INJECTED, they aren't EXPLODING with candy, no, they are BLASTED. Which conjurs the image of candy shooting at the already existing Rice Krispies Treat. What this blast did do, that the others didn't, was take the candy flavor  and have it work with the rest of the bar. You bite into this and it tastes like the whole Rice Krispies Treat is made of graham cracker, which I have to tell you, is absolutely excellent.

I'd have to say out of all of these, the S'mores one outshines them all. It's only a small treat that you can get up at midnight, and be like "I surely can eat one of these."

Chocolatey Chip Marshmallow: C
Double Chocolatey Chunk: C
S'mores: A

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  1. these are definitely not new. i remember eating these when i was in high school and college (7-8 years ago). i love it when brands act like re-releasing old products makes them 'new,' lol. i only really remember liking the s'mores, and i'm pretty sure they were bigger back then.

    1. well they're new to lots of people, like us, so I guess I'm happy that they re-release stuff. But yea, I wouldn't be surprised if they were bigger back then. Everything was.

  2. Heyyyy its almost Fall time which means FGFB is gonna have their work cut out for them thanks to the wacky flavas from Lays, Ruffles, Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, and those odd and end candies!

  3. Heyyyy its almost Fall time which means FGFB is gonna have their work cut out for them thanks to the wacky flavas from Lays, Ruffles, Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, and those odd and end candies!

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  5. double chocolate chunk was by far the best treat! It was only on the shelf for one day and have not seen it since. It tasted like heaven on earth and I could not bare to resist eating every last one of the tiny, very tiny treats