Thursday, September 4, 2014

Candy Apple M&M's!

Every year around Halloween you can usually plan on M&M's coming out with a limited edition flavor you haven't seen before. Remember Candy Corn M&M's? Well this year is no different! I just happened to run into New England wrestling legend Brian Fury while in Walmart one night, (he's a big fan of the blog), and he informed me that Candy Apple M&M's were indeed real and not only that, but there was a display of them in the front of the store. Luckily he let me know because I never in a million years would have seen them. 
Should you be adding a dish of these to your next fall party? Are Candy Apple M&M's worth your hard earned cash? Let's find out...

Green M&M...still as sexy as always. 
Looking at these, I'm expecting a lot. They need to not only have an apple taste, but also somehow mimic the weird red goo on the outside of a candy apple, too. At first glance I was expecting white chocolate inside them, but if you look at the bag it shows one broken open and there's clearly what looks to be regular chocolate inside. You can clearly see that the Green M&M is enjoying her candy apple on the package, but if you look too far into it you get a little creeped out because she looks just a little TOO seductive. You know what I mean, right? No? Am I the only one?

Once I tore the bag open and was met with two different shades of red M&M candies. I took in the aroma...nothing special. Just smelled like M&Ms... So I popped a few of them in my mouth and started chewing them up...They tasted like M&M's. That's it.
So I start thinking, okay, I must be crazy, these HAVE to have some apple flavor to them. So I popped another few in my mouth. This time, I found a faint apple taste. So faint that it was like the ghost of an apple might have been haunting my kitchen.

Nope, sorry guys. It was just a joke. 

So I went out and found a couple of the other guys and had them try them. Same thing. One of them said if he tried really hard he could taste a little apple. But he said it was like someone walked through the room with a bushel of fresh apples and he caught a quick whiff of them before they were gone. That's a pretty good description, if you ask me.

In the end I'm going to have to chalk this latest flavor up as a failure. The apple taste is so faint that it's almost non-existent. If I want something that tastes like a plain chocolate M&M, I'll just get a bag of those, or a bag of the plain MEGA M&M's. But this one bag will be the only ones I ever purchase of Candy Apple M&M's. After this review, there's no way I'm getting a date with that Green M&M. Ah well. She should respect my honesty to the readers, right?

I give Candy Apple M&M's a D-. They would be an F, but if you consider them just bigger plain M&M's, they are still tasty.

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  1. i don't think m&m's do well with their seasonal/limited edition flavors. the pumpkin spice ones had a very, very faint spice hint. the birthday cake ones tasted a little sweeter, but that's it. i've stopped buying their gimmicky flavors. i never did try their candy corn ones, but i doubt they'd blow my mind.

    1. haha the candy corn ones are the only ones I'd recommend, as they really do taste pretty unique. I agree though, they're not very good at flavors.

  2. Candy Apple M&M's is one of the tasty candy and it is similar to superfood chocolate by its qualities.