Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oreo double post! Root Beer Float & Banana Split Oreo cookies!

Wait...TWO NEW FLAVORS OF OREOS?! Yup. And if the rumblings on the Internet are correct we could see another two or three flavors more before the end of the year. Well then, time to get to it, today we review the two newest flavors of Oreo cookies! 

I like root beer. I swear I do. I even enjoy a root beer float every now and then. You know what I don't like? Cookies that are supposed to taste like root beer floats. The last time I was presented with a root beer flavored cookie...well...I had to make an example of it
So when I heard Oreo was trying their hand at it, I sighed, lifted the FGFB Bat off it's stand, mounted above the fireplace and took some practice swings. I was fully expecting that these would be the next item to offend the snack world so bad that we would have to film another video. But are they that bad? Let's find out.
Ladies & Gents, I give you...
Limited Edition Root Beer Float Oreo cookies!

Irwin isn't too sure about these...
When you rip back the package to reveal the rows of cookies, you are instantly hit with a strange root beer smell. It's there but it's not overpowering. It was still enough for me to make a sound out loud that was somewhere between, "Ughhhh." and "Hmmm". I'm interested, but expecting to hate them. They went with the golden Oreos for the cookie part, a wise choice if you ask me. After passing one to everyone in the room, I decided it was time to dive in. I twisted the top off to get a good look at the creme, then put it back on and bit the thing in half.

They aren't terrible. Don't get me wrong, I don't really like them and I won't be buying another package, but they are nowhere near as bad as those Ice Cream Shoppe Chips Ahoy. They still definitely taste like Root Beer, but it's not as intense. I think they do a pretty good job of toning the flavor down, so that the creme ends up coming through a bit into you chewing the cookie and that's where the root beer flavor arrives. The next one I tried eating the creme first and that was more intense, but still not terrible. It's almost like root beer is a flavor that they just shouldn't try to put into cookie form. Some flavors just aren't. Then again, Oreo will do weird ass flavors like this but meanwhile I'm still waiting for my damn Coffee Oreos!

So the bottom line on these, is if you're a huge root beer fan, scoop up a bag and give them a try. If you like a root beer every now and then, and don't like weird fake root beer taste, maybe skip these. They aren't good, they aren't THAT bad, they are just a weird unnatural flavor. I'm giving these a C-(The Gentleman's D).

NEXT UP...Banana Split Oreos!

These bad boys were so elusive that we had to have them shipped in from New York City! (Thanks Hannah & John!) We had been getting a ton of emails and messages asking us if we were going to review them but after scouring every store in the area they were nowhere to be found. Luckily we have connections throughout the country who help us out when we run into items like this one. So the moment these arrived in the mail I ripped them open and started gobbling them down. For the review. Obviously.

The second you rip them open all you can smell is banana. So right off the bat I was expecting it to be a strong flavor. These had a great look though! Pink and Yellow frosting with one chocolate and one golden cookie. I'm guessing they are supposed to mimic the vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge, while the two colored cremes are supposed to be banana and strawberry. Yeah they look cool, but did they taste like a damn banana split?!

There's a good look at the Strawbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry creme. 

Well...yeah they do! At first the banana is hands down the strongest taste, but as you're eating it, and the two flavors of cookies meld together along with the two kinds of creme, it all adds up to a pretty damn solid banana split flavor. Maybe a little heavy on banana, but it's a unique flavor in a cookie like this so it isn't bad.
With a lot of Oreos I enjoy taking them apart and eating the individual pieces about half of the time. However, with these I found that they worked much better with all those flavors together. It really combines for an excellent banana split flavor. If I closed my eyes and tried hard enough, I could almost believe I had just spooned up a huge blob of ice cream and banana covered in hot fudge. Almost.

Banana creme, son!

I'm giving these limited edition Banana Split Oreos a B+. If you spot a package in the wild, scoop them up while you have the chance because these things seem hard as hell to find, and they are a unique Oreo flavor that is unlike any they have done in recent memory. We should know, we eat them all. With slightly less banana flavor I would instantly bump them up to an A. They look cool, they taste like what they are supposed to, and they are limited edition! That means they are very worth your hard earned cash.

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Review by Rich


  1. I was the same way with the root beer oreos. They weren't hideous, I ate them, but I wouldn't buy them again. They tasted better dipped in milk, more like a root beer float and less like artificial root beer flavor cookie. Then I decided that maybe that's how they were made, with the intent to be dunked in milk.

  2. I absolutely love oreos!!! I practically eat oreos for breakfast lunch and dinner. I really dont like all new new flavors and creations that nabisco is coming out with. They sound disgusting and taste even worse. I am more of original oreo guy that enjoys the original flavor.

    1. Agreed! Double stuf and golden double stuf are the best oreos to exist.
      and gingerbread. Damn, I wish those were back this year.

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