Wednesday, June 10, 2015


If you're like me, you enjoy having a box of Cheez-its around pretty often. They are great for dipping, as a side with a sandwich, or hell, just out of the box. If you've ever found yourself sitting in a beach chair beside a body of water one sunny afternoon with a box of Cheez-its in your hands and suddenly you realize you ate them all? We're probably on the same page.  If that's the case, you probably know the glory of getting one of the burnt ones too, right?  Those browned ones that are kind of like finding hidden treasure in a box. When you look down at a handful and see one and you say something like, "YESSSSS," as you pluck it from the pile so you can savor it on it's own.
Some people I know have been wishing for a box of all burned ones for twenty years or more and it never happened. I have overheard one in particular say she would pay multiple times the price to get her hands on a box of all well done Cheez-its. Well, finally the people at Sunshine have listened and have decided to grant some of you your ultimate wish. 


#1 requested flavor?! 

After my initial excitement finding these in a store, the first thought that entered my mind after seeing the box was, "if this is the #1 requested Cheez-It flavor, why the hell has it taken so long to make them?!" Seriously. They now have 2500 different flavors of Cheez-its. Some came and went. Some have stuck around. But this is their #1 requested flavor and they waited this long? Kind of like Pop-Tarts taking forever to finally do peanut butter versions. Fools! But hey, let's not dwell on the past. Some genius at Sunshine finally decided to listen to the people and now we have these. But are they what you want? The short answer? HELL YEAH.

How many boxes of these have been consumed in my household since we found these a few days ago? The answer is four. That's a lot of Cheez-its. That's how damn good these are. It's pretty damn basic, they are what they say they are. It's a big ol' box of well done Cheez-its! If you're a fan of them, you might be slightly worried that having a ton of them makes them less special. I'm here to tell you that's not the case. Every one of them is delicious! That salty, cheesy, almost smoky taste hits home in every bite. They are the real deal.

Part of me is worried that these are just going to be around for a limited time, so I'm telling you all right now...GO OUT AND BUY A TON. Send the message to Sunshine that you want these to be a thing forever.

I'm going to have to give Cheez-it Extra Toasty an A. At long last these have finally strolled out of our dreams and into reality and they are everything you had hoped for. In fact, as I'm typing these final words I just finished the last box in the house. Guess I need to head to the store right now!

Review by Rich!

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  1. How have I been eating Cheez-its all these years without realizing that extra toasty was a thing? Why didn't I ever notice they were better than all the rest? I'm picking up a box of these on my lunch break. I have to know the truth.

    1. Perhaps you'll find what your taste buds have been missing all these years!

  2. Well if this isnt a good way to get me to throw down some dough ray me, i dont know what more you could say!

    1. FIVE BOXES DOWN AND COUNTING! I may have a problem here...


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  4. These truly are best ones ever!