Thursday, June 25, 2015

S'mores Oreo cookies!

If a month goes by and we don't have a new flavor of Oreo cookies to review, I think something is wrong with the world. It sends me into a panic. Is Nabisco going under? Has someone toppled this cookie giant? Is the sky falling? WHERE IS THE NEAREST BOMB SHELTER?! It goes something like that. Luckily this time around I didn't have to ride that emotional roller coaster because ol' Nabisco just dumped its latest limited edition flavor in our laps, just in time for those summer camping trips. S'MORES OREOS!

This package just makes me want a real S'more. Look at that thing! 
So what are we dealing with here? Well it's a graham flavored cookie for starters. I'm glad they didn't cheap out on this and just make this out of Golden Oreo's. The graham cookie actually does taste like a graham cracker, but with that familiar Oreo crunch.  Inside lies waiting for you both chocolate and marshmallow creme.  Fun fact, nine times out of ten that you try to open these up to look at the creme, it comes apart so you're looking at the white/marshmallow side. It's a fun science experiment you can try at home. But back to the creme, it's what you expect. The usual Oreo chocolate creme and then the marshmallow that is a lot like the creme they had in their Marshmallow Crispy Oreo's but without the crispy part.

They definitely capture a fake s'more taste and they are about as great as an Oreo s'more cookie could be. But I always wonder if companies miss one important ingredient when trying to flavor something like S'more. The smoke. If you're making a real s'more over a fire, the marshmallow is always going to have a little smoky flavor to it. I think the next company to make something s'more flavored needs to take my advice and add that. Graham, chocolate, marshmallow and smoke. Nothing brings a wave of nostalgia like a waft of campfire smoke. Am I right?

Chocolate and Marshmallow creme! 
Will these cookies replace the original s'more? Nope. Are they worth trying out as the latest of Oreo's limited edition flavors? 100%. Seriously. Scoop these up before they are gone. We had a rough time finding them ourselves. But definitely give them a try. Heck, if you've got a fire going outside one of these nights, perhaps even slap a melty marshmallow between two of these. I bet that would be faaaaaantastic.

We are giving S'mores Oreo cookies a B!  FYI: if the package had been normal size instead of these ridiculous mini-packs we would have upped that to a B+!

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  1. Great review, I had a chance to try these and thought they weren't too bad! Was hoping for more flavour in the cookie part though.

  2. I haven't seen these yet, but I had to comment on missing the "smoke" flavor. I've pretty much given up my dignity, so I make "s'mores" by dipping chunks of graham cracker into marshmallow fluff and then dipping into a bag of mini-chocolate chips. Once upon a time, they made campfire flavored Marshmallow Creme. I'm not sure if it was a one-off or it's season or what, but it was heavenly. If you ever see it again, snatch it up!

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