Friday, September 11, 2015

Hershey's Candy Corn candy bar!

Ah yes,  the summer is coming to and end. It might still be hot where you are, and the leaves haven't yet started changing. However, once we start seeing pumpkin flavored items showing up in the stores, we know that Fall is almost here. Now, this isn't pumpkin flavored, but just in time for all that nonsense to start up, Hershey's debuts their newest limited edition candy bar...The Hershey's Candy Corn bar! 

Once upon a time Mike would have jumped at the chance to review this. He loved candy corn, God bless his poor soul. But since he vanished a few months ago under strange circumstances, I guess this review is up to me! Actually, now that I look back, I was the one to review both the Candy Corn M&M's AND the Candy Corn Oreos! Maybe I have a secret love for Candy Corn that I haven't yet come to grips with. So let's do this!

As someone who doesn't really enjoy candy corn, I can't fathom how it's still around. Who goes into the Halloween candy aisle and amidst all the wonders to be found there, leaves with a bag of candy corn? WHO? WHO DOES THIS? I can't understand it at all. Is it just old ladies? Well whoever it is, someone out there likes chewing on waxy little blobs of sweet "corn". But when I read this package and it says "Candy corn creme with candy bits" I'm not too excited. But as I ripped this monster open I'll tell you one thing that jumped out, the aroma. I left the room after taking pictures of this and returned twenty minutes later and could smell it in the hallway. Major Candy Corn aroma happening here. It's like I had a Bath and Body Works Candy Corn candle burning in here for an entire night. Is that even a thing? I'm not going to look. I'll leave that up to you readers!

I'll add another positive while we're at it. I think the Candy Corn bar was quite pretty! White chocolate with cool orange and yellow sprinkles throughout it. Well done, Hershey's! but people want to know about the taste. I'll tell you's better than Candy Corn. Way better. The white chocolate gives it a very creamy texture and the sprinkles inside it are clearly a different consistency. They really could be made of candy corn. They have that waxy, chewy, candy corn feel.

If I had to choose between this and eating a handful of plain old Candy Corn? I'm going with this bar ten times over. It definitely captures the flavor of Candy Corn while putting a spin on it. That spin is covering it in white chocolate. Granted, that white chocolate is flavored like Candy Corn, but you aren't left with the weird aftertaste and debris that the real deal leaves behind.

In the end, this is a fun gimmick and worth checking out if you're into Candy Corn. Or, even if you aren't. I'm not really and I finished the entire thing no problem! I think in the end I would have liked to see Hershey's do something a little more wild with their limited edition flavors. But if this is as crazy as they get, it could be worse.
I give the Hershey's Candy Corn bar a B. They nailed the flavor, 100% even if it's not a flavor I completely love. Let's hope the other candy companies have some more exciting limited edition flavors for the 2015 Halloween candy season!

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Review by Rich.

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