Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ben & Jerry's NEW Coconuts for Caramel CORE

I know Ben & Jerry's.
You know Ben and/or Jerry.
We all know Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and how they've consistently found new and intriguing ways to sell us various flavored ice creams. I'm pumped to try this, as I'm sure we all are whenever we swipe a new delicious flavor out that ice cold freezer. So let's get to this, and see if this is worth you trading your hard earned, factory sweat soaked cash in for.

That's a hell of a roll call!
Caramel and Sweet Cream Coconut ice cream with fudge flakes and a caramel core. As soon as the plastic top holder thing started krinkling, I got a friend who was suddenly interested in what was in my hands.

Now with the top popped. We can see a giant glob of caramel. Remember this, this comes into play later. Jot it down in your official FatGuyFoodBlog Review Notepad™.

I wasn't sure what I was expecting, maybe I didn't fully read the pint print, but I was perplexed by the two different kinds of ice cream inside the thing.

digging under the first clump of caramel

then my eyes got wider

and then shot out of my head, killing the neighbors doing yard work next door

The Fudge flakes in this thing were flat out huge chocolate chips within a THICK coconut shaving filled ice cream. The caramel ice cream portion was smooth, and not as caramel flavored as one would expect, but they more than make up for it with that well of caramel thickness right there in the middle.  The coconut flavor and shavings were almost overwhelming if you didn't grab a scoop of caramel ice cream, and a healthy glob of caramel core. I often times sit down with a Ben & Jerry's and cap it after a good one quarter is gone, but this one, this one I legit had a hard time putting down. And I know what you're thinking "Josh, you're a hard hitting action food blogger with millions of hits a month living off the teat of google royalty checks, you're probably just saying that." All those things are true, however, I found myself scarfing this down and actually being kind of worried. In my foggy haze, blasted off of Ben & Jerry's, I found myself wondering, "is this what addiction feels like?" So I capped it after a good 3/4's before I ended up washing myself with a rag on a stick.

Hey remember that giant mass of caramel that basically filled the top of my pint like a good barista does with whipped cream on a latte? I also was trying to remember where it went, and it must have disappeared early, because part of my insane shoveling was due to me trying to find another caramel gold deposit.What was the promise of a giant, ever flowing spring of delicious caramel, ended up just being a weeping butthole of brown candy, which I was desperately digging at like I'd been locked up in prison for a decade.

Other than, what was clearly a factory mistake, Ben & Jerry's Coconuts for Caramel was fantastic and did exactly what it claimed it was going to do. Tease you with the promise of a good time, and you just go home with an under the pants handy. I'm not gonna complain, you rule, but, you know.

I give Ben & Jerry's a B. Delicious by all rights, 
but gets overshadowed by what possibly cannot be overshadowed.

Review by Josh!

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  1. Not a factory mistake... mine was the same way! So much caramel core at top, just about none (if any) at the bottom :(
    This has been out for a while though! I would love if you could review a newer flavor; please consider Turkey Hill's campfire or new caramel espresso ice cream!

    1. We will be on the lookout! Turkey Hill puts out some great ice cream these days!

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