Sunday, February 13, 2011


This post will be the complete opposite of Rich's previous post. The beauty of fatguyfoodblog is that although we're pigs who jam candy into our faces like it's air to a dying man, we still have differing opinions. 
I have always been of the opinion that too much peanut butter in a chocolate/peanut butter mixture is bad- that the beauty of Reese's candy is the perfect marriage between the two flavors. Chocolate is the glue that sticks flavors together- the one constant in a chaotic world of sugar variety.  I feel like too much peanut butter sends this perfect harmony into chaotic discord, and you're left eating just a giant pile of peanut butter. I like a perfect ratio.  
That being said, I thought these were fantastic:

They literally are this small:

For someone who respects the perfect relationship between chocolate and peanut butter like me, these ruled. I think I still prefer the mini ones I get in candy canes for Christmas, but these are a fun snack. The bag will be gone INSTANTLY though. 

And sticking with the theme of mini candy, I re-visited this somewhat new product:

Not a big fan of these. 
The idea is neat, but they decided to add a weird cookie-esque crisp that vaguely resembles a fortune cookie. So, it goes: chocolate, fortune cookie, tiny amount of butterfinger, and peanut butter.

They're a decent snack, but for Butterfinger, which is one of my all time favorites, they don't live up to the name. The last creation Butterfinger had was Butterfinger BBs, which, for someone who likes mini versions of awesome, ruled.

Man, I now miss the hell out of these. 
So, yea. Butterfinger snackers- worth a taste for something different, but I won't be buying them again. They really seem like just a random peanut butter snack instead of being a variant of Butterfinger goodness. 

Reese's Minis: A
Butterfinger Snackerz: C- (bonus points for the use of the Z though)
-Dirty Mike

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