Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Reeses...chocolate bar?

While walking through the candy aisle at Walmart, the actual candy section, not the display near the registers, I noticed this. A Reeses product I had never seen before. It has no exciting or catchy name...it's just...

A chocolate bar filled with Reeses signature Peanut Butter. So you're expecting a peanut butter cup, spread out into a chocolate bar format, right? I know I was, and that's pretty much all it is. Now, I'm sure by not you're noticing the negative tone of this post. Here's why...

Looks fancy enough, Reeses logo on each little square. Problem is, when you try to break a square away, it cracks in the wrong spot most times and gets a little messy. That's not really too big of a drawback. The actual problem with this candy bar lies within our next picture...

The reason I wasn't a huge fan of this, even though I love almost everything with a Reese's logo on it, is the peanut butter to chocolate ratio, for one. There's too much chocolate and not enough peanut butter. In an age where we are spoiled with the heavenly treat that is the BIG CUP, when faced with something like this, I scoff at it. The chocolate is nothing special at all, definitely not the same that they use in their cups. It was less flavorful and even a little bland. The peanut butter was a bit more dry than usual and despite what my picture shows here, there wasn't enough in it. There were some bites where I wasn't sure I could taste ANY. 
In closing, I would eat this candy bar over something like a plain Hershey Bar. But as far as Reeses Products go, it's at the bottom of the list. The Big Cup is king, and the rest fall in under him.
All hail king Big Cup. 
I give this a D on the candy bar scale. For Disappointing. 


  1. They make VERY good smores

  2. I do eat this and I LOVE it for the same reason you don't. The ratio for me is perfection.