Friday, June 10, 2011

Lays Chips Party

Lays has been busting out new flavors in the last few months, and, after a long wait and a horrible photoshop job, I am here to review. 

I'll go in order from bad to best.

Honey Mustard: Not good. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought they may be good, since I don't really like honey mustard. I guess I was hoping they'd be more like Uno's honey mustard (which is delicious) and less like... well, mustard. They are very mustardy, and I feel like even a lover of honey mustard wouldn't want that flavor on a potato chip. I'm assuming these won't last. They certainly didn't do it for me. If you want half a bag a month old, feel free to raid our trash can.

Creamy Mediterranean Herb: I don't know what creamy Mediterranean herb even means, but these chips are good. They taste kind of like a creamy ranch with parmesan and maybe oregano mixed in. It's a very unique flavor, and it works. They're kettle cooked too, so they're crunchy as hell in addition to having a really unique flavor. Don't eat them if you don't like ranch. If you do, and want ranch with some extra pizazz, hit these up. 

Spicy Cayenne and Cheese: These are also kettle chips, and are awesome. One minute they're really cheesy, the next they are burning you with cayenne heaven. If you don't like spice, stay away. They aren't too spicy, but mixed with the strong cheese flavor, it works really well and produces that nice constant burn that can only be satisfied by eating more. 

Honey Barbeque: These should be called Smokey Honey Barbeque, because that's what they are. The greasy dregs of chips at the bottom tend to be super sweet and honey-ey, but most of the chips have an awesome smokey-ness to them that make these really good. These have been around for awhile in 99 cent bags, and I say bravo to Lay's for finally bringing the sweet and smokey-ocity (I've already created 2 words, why not 3) of these chips to the big leagues. Delicious.

Garden Tomato & Basil: You wouldn't expect a fat pig to list Garden Tomato & Basil as his favorite out of this list, and you probably wouldn't expect the same guy to say that these are his favorite chips to come out in years, but I'm saying both. These are FANTASTIC. They're like ketchup chips with an extra kick. They're really strong on the tomato flavor and really unique. Everyone I've told to eat these has pretty much had the same reaction- a pause, an inquisitive look, and a "wow.. these are neat. I like these!" and then I fight the bag away from them. I have a really hard time stopping eating these, and have probably single handedly kept them off the shelves. 

Lay's is great at creating new flavors (in fact, I just looked at the website and there's like 15 other flavors I've never even heard of), so who knows when these will disappear, but please, please, please Lay's, at least let me keep the last 2 flavors. Or at least tell me when they are  going out of production, so I can buy 100 bags of Garden Tomato & Basil and cryogenically freeze them. 

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