Monday, May 30, 2011

Rolo McFlurry

Chances are if you're reading this blog, you're eyes just widened and you screamed out the word "WHAAATTTT!!?!?!" in the highest, scratchiest pitch you possibly could. I know I did.

A place I never frequent is McDonald's. Over the years the stale menu and the same tired old man weak dick french fries just stopped doing anything for me. But one thing the McDonald's standard never fails at is their shakes. I went in to snag one of these on a hot summer day, turned, saw this ad staring me in the face and instantly changed my order to this stunning bride to be before you. Not that I can even remember the last time I even got near a Rolo, but the promise of sweet caramel chocolate and white vanilla "ice cream" consummating their marriage in my mouth was too much for me to handle.
Is it me or did McFlurries diminish in size?
 joey again 7:42 pm
    i didnt even know they made rolos anyomore
 me 7:42 pm

i kind of see an old mans bearded face within the glistening chocolate

Now the first bite into this candy and ice cream conglomerate was probably the equivalent to a junky's first bump of heroin, cause after the first explosion of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla goodness, you're left forever chasing that dragon deep until that McFlurry is gone, and you're sick to your stomach. As to be expected with a McFlurry the candy to ice cream ratio is never quite balanced correctly, so I'd have a few delicious tasting bites, then some bland generic white vanilla ice cream flavor, and then blasted again, of what seems to be an even stronger, hyper Rolo, thus overpowering the enjoyment of it as a whole.
So if you're like me and get worked by this, eat half, and like a good American, throw the rest in the trash, piss in a cup and throw it at the drive thru window knowing that you've had the best thing McDonald's has had to offer in it's many years on this planet. 

I give this wonder of Innovation a B+


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  2. holy shit!

    blown away. I figured after every mcdonalds I knew cancelled the best mcflurry they ever had (peanut butter cup) TWICE in some areas, they'd never try anything else ever again. This looks amazing.
    And like Joey, I didn't know rolos still existed either. can't wait to try one of these.

    old man limp dick fries? really? hahaha


  3. Had one of these a few days ago. It was delicious, but I agree with you that like most McTreats, it could've used more candy.

  4. Sounds delicious, all we get is a choice of Oreos or mini M&M's.

  5. that sucks jane! they've upped the candy presence where we're at. it rules.