Monday, May 9, 2011

Lexie's Joint, The Stairway to Heaven Burger

In Portsmouth, NH in the former location of Mojo's BBQ Shack is a place where you can get some wild burgers. That place is called Lexie's Joint. I was told about them randomly and as quick as possible, I made my way down there to try one of their signature burgers. 

They have different specials everyday and they post them on facebook bright and early. So next time you sign in, "LIKE" them, and then you'll be in the know. . 
As I often do, I decided to try what looked like the biggest and baddest burger they had, the Stairway to Heaven Burger.  There were a few others that caught my eye, but if you're reviewing a place for FATGUYFOODBLOG, you go big, or go home. So I ordered the burger and instead of regular fries, I got the herbed Parmesan French Fries to go with it. 

Whats on it? Well it's a 4oz. burger served on a toasted potato roll, with Cheddar Cheese, BBQ sauce, carmelized onions and braised short ribs. The first thing I noticed is how they cut their buns. It opens like a clam shell. This sort of blew my mind. Usually when you eat a burger with tons of toppings on it, chunks, and sauce fall out of the back when you take a bite. Not at Lexie's. This unorthodox way of cutting the bun has set a new standard. NOTHING FALLS OUT. 
Everything else about the burger was great. The potato roll was soft and chewy. The BBQ sweet and tangy, the braised short ribs were tender and lean. The burger itself, quite fresh and definitely not a frozen patty. 

The only complaint I would have is that compared to many of the burger joints I've been to, this burger was kind of small. 4oz of meat is not that much. However. They do offer a deal where you can double your burgers for an additional $4. Which is well worth it. 

The fries were thin cut, and tasty, but very crunchy. Almost like a basket of thick potato sticks. This isn't a bad thing. They are flavored to perfection and I ate every single one. 

They have an eating challenge once a week there called the "Quatro" which the lady working told me was because the guy who came up with it only has four fingers. It looks to have four patties, lots of cheese and bacon. I hope to one day take on that monster, Like Gandalf versus the Balrog, but if they only have it on Tuesday, I can't see that happening any time soon. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a good burger. Unless you are a skinny wimp or a lady who is trying to keep her figure, do yourself a favor and get two of them. Take them up on the deal. 
Check out their site! I was told they have a new site coming soon so keep on the lookout for it!

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